Spots Is a LOL Satirical Novel About Commercial Spots

by the talented author Simon Plaster, is his latest satirical novel
featuring a journalist from a small town, Henrietta, who comes from the
small royal town of Henryetta, Oklahoma.
places, Henriette travels to Oklahoma City, where the novel is set
mainly to report on the days before a TV awards program that rewards the
best TVC actors / actresses, or TV commercials are also known as
“spots”. As
a result, apart from Henriette and her mother, Sue Wynona, many
recurring characters from other Plaster novels in the series do not
appear in the points, but that is more than offset by her cast of new
characters, including the famous
shopping. , like William Shatner, the insurance girl, Flo and the two guys who are currently in commercials for Sonic.
plot of Spots revolves around antics and intrigues associated with
actors and actresses awards in Oklahoma City, when the Academy of Arts
and Sciences TV Advertising is forced to move its annual awards
Las Vegas to OKC. Henrietta, who is now a reporter for OKC’s Tinseltown SCENE newspaper, wants a scoop that she hopes will win a Pulitzer Prize.
addition to gossip and rumors and common rivalries between TVC stars,
as a plaster written between Flo and his sister Chloe (Clo) sister
almost identical, which is commercial transgressive Insurance Company,
there are rumors about
‘a plan to murder at least one of the stars TVC, but which, asks Henrietta, could be the first to die? Maybe
Flo or Chloe, maybe, or the bald commercial insurance seems to know a
lot about what people do, or maybe one of the Sonic, or even Jimmy
Mayhem types
, Coronel Sanders or William Shatner?
Deano DeBoffo is also one of Spot’s main characters. He
is a famous Hollywood producer / director and wants to create a
docudrama that is basically a long advertisement, called “What’s in your
Part of Spots’ intrigue involves his efforts to convince some of the
TVC actors gathered at OKC to register with him to be in his planned
is a very entertaining satirical fun that mocks the rewards and actors /
actresses that appear in some of the most famous TV commercials of
recent times.
is likely to be a novel appreciated by young and older adults, as
Plaster also refers to many old commercials that many adults will fondly
remember, such as those of Alka Seltzer, with phrases like “C
is a spicy dumpling! ” and “Plop, plop, sparkle, sparkle, oh, what a relief it is!”
between many TVC stars seemed very entertaining, and also whenever
Simon Plaster wrote scenes that included Jimmy Mayhem.
Yeso wrote, with Spots, one of his best satirical novels so far. Will Henrietta’s reports to OKC Tinseltown SCÈNE award her the Pulitzer Prize, which she feels deserves so much? Who is behind the rumors and apparent attempts to kill TVC stars? Take a look at the points to discover! It’s
a fun satirical novel that I highly recommend, along with other plaster
novels that feature small town reporter, Henrietta, like Hmmm, Ticks: A
Climate Change Tail and a Girl, and Hogback!

Spots Is a LOL Satirical Novel About Commercial Spots

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