Tales From Swarga – All Hands Meet

Swarga especially over cooling during certain periods of time. Nandi,
the great and obedient lieutenant of the gods, who ensures that Lord
Shiva, like Swarga, is particularly cold in his occasional visits to
most of the time in some particularly cold regions of the United States
of Rakshasa, Lord Shiva is meticulous and prefers everything to be as
tidy as his house and offices on Mount Kailash.
The coldness of the atmosphere, the immaculate clarity of any cloud of communication must be just for the angry God.
the cold does not bother Vyasa, which has been equally cold Nepal
environments, prefer to cool down, but he and the rest of the team cloud
infrastructure are struggling as usual.
After all today is not another day. Today
is the day of the meeting of all hands, when all the gods of Swarga
make an Ashariri conference to give updates on the progress and future
plans of Swarga.
Maharishi Sanaka, who was once an acolyte of Vyasa Maharishi and is
now a full-fledged department with its own specialized portals monitors
the time for any sign of disruption.
“Maharshi Vyasaji, I think adding a new service provider made a big
diferencia.Cuando was only Vayu and Varuna have many limitations,
however, Agni have better control over resources,” said Sanaka.
unloading his backpack and feeling comfortable in his tiger skin, Vyasa
said: “This is true, but we still have to look at what these Devas
Rishis.Los that were once these threats are
useful today, however Rishi they are still trying to find ways to
subvert Our controls, especially the new batch of acolytes who joined
Swarga, some of them are too smart, we should have a better eye ”
that time, Lord Vishnu entered the chamber and greeted Maharishi
Sanatan, “Sanatana, what is the status of the new Kundas Homa we are
asking for new Rishi?
The apsaras confirmed that we have two Rishis joining this week and three others next week.
harriedly at their own Homa Kunda where he was in a support call with
the manufacturer of Homa Kunda, Maharishi Sanatan, a member of the
cosmic infrastructure team, but also the Rishi buying Swarga, he stood
up and
to Lord Vishnu “Prabho, raised the purchase order, I just need your
approval before releasing the order to the manufacturer once the order
has to be able to get the new Homa Kundas at the end
of the next week.
“The end of next week?” Oh, that’s too bad. What about Homa Kundas? Vishnu asked.
not worry, Prabho, send Sanandana SP road for some cases, and meanwhile
we have a few Kundas Homa as a backup for the Deva support team that
could temporarily give to the Rishis news,” said Sanatana.
Even the gods and Rishis get their way to SP things.
“Okay, big, big,” Vishnu said before going to Vaikuntha.
we are recruiting a lot Rishi now día.Con all new projects that come
here in Swarga and both recruitment why not buy Kundas Homa Homa and
other supplies in bulk?
Vyasa asked Sanatana.
say Vyasa Jee, I think Swarga believes in the principle that nothing
inspires Calvin better than last-minute panic” Sanatana responded before
returning to the call for support.
Looking into the flames of his Homa kunda Vyasa could already see
countless other prayers for support Rishi reaching Maharishi Sanatan.
As Vyasa seized his Kamandalu to get an Arishta from Maharishi Vishwamitra cafetaria, he entered, watching aficionado as usual. As the largest and most powerful of all Maharishis in Swarga, Vishwamitra intimidated even the gods. Even Siva, a monster of health among the gods was a little intimidated against Rishi Vishvamitra.
is the Aay Shapath traffic that we have here today in heaven, I took
two yugas to get there from my hermitage .. Let me quickly grab a few
snacks before Durvasa come ask me for
Favors more, “Vishwamitra nowadays more and more to work with Durvasa. Although
initially he was the team leader at the last universal observation
Durvasa, the bank on their years of experience, he had Brahmarshi over.
his years of experience Durvasa often need the help of the younger
Maharishis to do their job and forced Maharishis about his venerable

Tales From Swarga – All Hands Meet

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