Website Copywriting Strategy For the Intuitive Unicorn People

If you are one of these people unicorn; If what you do is more intuitive than intellectual; If people have to live what you are doing at a visceral level to “get” … listen.
No website or copy marketing can do a better job to interact with your prospects so they can discover magic.
I like the words and I truly believe in it. But I also yogi, cyclist and cyclist. I know there are things you have to “understand”, feel it and experience in the body … instead of intelectualizarla.
If you refuse to throw away until you have the “perfect” copy of the
website to communicate all aspects of what you are doing, you are
probably stuck forever.
Here’s the deal. Your website copy should be perfect … do not you have to express all the facets of their magic.
What you need is a gown intention so that you can put the energy just behind your words. I read (or more like, study and dissect) enough sales page to realize
that when I’m looking to work with or buy someone, I do not read the
words on the page.
I feel the energy. In less than a minute, if this product or service is right for me. More often than not, people are hooked too much on the surface
expression of words and forget the way they weave together to
communicate a big picture of what you are.
Do not ask your website to do any heavy lifting. Instead, just two things:
(1) exposing to your visitors you just have to trust yourself. Be honest. Create emotional connection and resonance to feel comfortable around him. Tell your story in a meaningful way. Express your values, beliefs and a unique perspective. Show your true colors. Get the right people out the door.
(2) Talk enough visitors about what you are doing and how to solve their problems in a way that your left brain can understand. Enough to get in touch with you ask about the next step. Enough to interact with you in person so that you can deliver your magic.
Here! Be honest, represent something, show some courage. Ask them to talk to you.
The good news is that you do not need anything fancy to do it.
boils down to a very simple site structure: a home page (which tells
visitors what the action you want to take in 8 seconds – is our average
attention span of the duration of the Internet, only one
Second shorter than that of fish color) A work with me. Then add a contact page and maybe a blog. Beso.
When you get these three pages correctly, you have a solid foundation for all your content and communications.
you work with your magic 1: 1 is like getting the best conversion in
selling a set of $ X, 000, why spend time, energy and money on bells and
whistles convulnados selling $ 7
“Travel wire”?
The right question is: what is the shortest way for people to trust me
and come into resonance with me enough to have a conversation with me,
to experiment and test the connection transformation?
The job of your website is to get people on that road. The rest is just distracting (at least until you get your cash flow
and solid reputation and be clear about its body work.) Then you scale
it – even then it is optional.
Ling Wong :: Intuitively Brainiac | Creativity Mentor | Alchemist writes. Author alchemy of Secrets Copywriting to convert a powerful personal brand that sells the content.
its unique mix of marketing training, content design experience and
text writing process, it helps entrepreneurs discover, articulate and
transform its because content that connects, and
an echo – through an intuitive but rigorous iterative process born from
its Harvard design school of training and 15 years of experience in the
online marketing industry.

Website Copywriting Strategy For the Intuitive Unicorn People

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