Is a Defence Possible Against Men Putting Women Down?

Some men are determined to hurt their partners or former partners. They can do it in many ways because men run the world. They feel cadres in banks, businesses, and even the legal profession. Women are already back to asking for help from them and men have their ear, no matter how much they can be. This is the lot that many face the actual women world to put on created by men.
Domestic violence has a high profile in Australia at this time, and perhaps around the world. Women die at 2 a week in this country and its death are not always the result of a fight between couples. Many murders are unresolved and some men get their way.
two cases of women who fell on so-called balcony of an apartment and
crashed at her death down several highlighted potential crimes.
Although the video evidence of domestic violence and stripes on the
railing in one case showed how women struggled to eventually save his
life men were erased.
In another case, a woman was found dead at the foot of the gap, a notorious place of suicide in Sydney. In
this case the couple was arrested and sentenced to throw the cliff
until the sentence was crushed when new evidence to light came a little
Although the public is not convinced of his innocence, he is now free.
building a woman is usually smaller than a man and her strength can not
match your partner the possibility of murders impossible to solve, it
is obvious.
Many women have fallen; On the cliffs in mysterious circumstances. A disabled woman would have been on the edge while looking for a place to toilet and risk in the dark. As he was confined to a wheelchair, it seems very unlikely that it would have been so negligent.
Since his childhood, many men are likely to hear that women are second-class men are the greatest. They grow up with this mentality and kill an unwanted partner when
things go wrong between them because of this training may be more
frequent than recognized.
Religions are also guilty of this, for it discriminates against women and tends to declare them unfit for the eyes of God. Although this form of discrimination is wrong, there is no way to stop it. Governments in Australia have enacted laws prohibiting discrimination
on racial and religious grounds, but have been briefly enunciated in the
decision of men against women.
My reincarnation and bond with the Spirit taught me how religions are false. They are based on ancient rituals and the cult of the sun. They are native of Babylon, which was the home of Islam. The two branches of Christianity and Muslims continued ancient practices. Women were considered inferior because men think they can marry the Mother of God, Mary.
long as this duly taken into account and religions are outlawed by
their negligence and lies continue to ridicule men and women down.
There is no defense against until and unless women make the change by removing the cause. This will require a lot of will and courage on your part.

Is a Defence Possible Against Men Putting Women Down?

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