Free Speech: Is The Western World Walking On Eggshells?

you live in the United States and it is against Donald Trump, or if you
live in the UK and is against Brexit, you could say that for them there
would be no reason to keep their opinions for themselves.
They could share their views with friends and online, and there is a
strong possibility that they would receive a lot of positive feedback.
By doing this, and defending what they believe, they believe they are brave. After all, they keep their opinions for themselves and to get on life.
But while they might come to this conclusion does not mean that what they do really requires a lot of courage. That is to say that so many people have the same views as they do.
The safest option
In the end, we’re on board with what these people think, and so it will be the easiest option. It will be like the one who considers himself a rebel even if they follow the crowd.
However, it would be an euphemism to say that one only has the support of others. In addition to your friends and family, and the people who support
their views on social networks, the media have, from academia and
Hollywood, for example.
The same story
We’re going to have a hell of support behind them, they have nothing to fear when they talk. What they come up with will not be different from what these sources come up with.
Then you think they have their own mind, but it could be nothing more than an illusion. There is a possibility that they are controlled, which is the best way to control someone.
A real risk
however, you live in the United States and support Donald Trump, or if
you live in the UK and voted for Brexit, you may prefer to keep their
opinions for themselves.
This is unless you around people who have the same views as them, or if they are people who are they are open-minded.
What you could find if they wanted to share their points of view, it is that a number of his friends no longer speak to them. This could be a time when only keep silent, or could be labeled in some way.
Too many problems
is that it will not matter if you have done your research and know what
they are talking about, as it may be in your best interest to stay
On the one hand, this will keep them a lot of their views to themselves, and on the other hand, will save a lot of drama.
Some of them have the desire to talk, but some of them will be very aware of the consequences that may occur if they do. It is then that one is worthless; They do not want to destroy your life.
The decline
problem is that if one considers that people are “good” to have certain
opinions and “bad” to have other opinions, puts an end to freedom of
So, instead of everyone to be able to share their views and grow
despite their disputed point of view, some people keep their opinions
for themselves.
As far as people who share their views, what they say can relate to what is considered “acceptable” or politically correct. Therefore, as long as what comes with the parameters defined in one of these categories, you will be able to express themselves.
The big problem
you say something that does not fit into one of these categories, they
could lose a number of friends and even end up being fired from his job.
And if they say the wrong thing online, they might even have a police visit.
But if that does not happen, then it could mean that you end up offending someone, and it’s not funny. In the past, this is not something that would have taken very seriously.
state of emergency
Today, this is something that takes a lot of weight; If someone is offended by what he says, could lead to a number of consequences. Therefore, one may feel the need to monitor their own thoughts and control what comes out of one’s mouth.
Then there is no reason for anyone to control them because they have controlled themselves. Due to the amount of pressure that experience, it can be a challenge for them to relax.
Walking on eggs
Their priority is not to think for themselves and share their points of view; It will make sure you do not offend anyone. What their ancestors fought for then throw you aside for some people –
those who can not regulate their own emotions – not having to
experience uncomfortable emotions.

Free Speech: Is The Western World Walking On Eggshells?

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