Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Laminate Flooring Origination

The brothers behind the laminate flooring
first origins of the laminate can be attributed to Sweden, where it was
invented by two brothers named entrepreneurs Robin and Darko Pervan.
In 1979, IKEA launched the first floors rolled to the public. These
products were manufactured by the Swedish company Perstorp under the
trade name Pergo and had a core of resistance and an agglomerated tongue
and groove locking.
Darko Pervan later founded his own company, guaranteed patents for locking systems and invented laminate flooring without glue.
How to roll today
Manufacturing industry Laminates is today as in the past. Of
course, use flooring manufacturers today the latest techniques and
materials to make the floor that is virtually unmatched in terms of
durability and versatility.
They do this by building four layers and tiles of a variety of natural and recycled materials.
who know how to achieve the perfect balance with these four layers are
able to create a floor that offers great use and aesthetic value.
While shopping, look for manufacturer information on what they do with each layer of soil to make their products are superior. Note that the laminate consists of layers of basic balance, pattern and wear.
balancing layer is the part of the floor will communicate with the
basement and provides a stable base and resistant to groundwater as a
thicker the four, the core layer is made of fibreboards or other
materials that provide cushioning and compressed stability.
Layer pattern is made of paper printed to resemble wood, stone, tile or other design. Covering is the wear layer, which protects the floor against wear.
Manufacturers aim to create the best stability at all levels so that their stories can get high AC ratings. These evaluations describe the type of traffic that are appropriate for different products. AC1 floors are ideal for light residential use. AC2 floors are good for standard residential use. AC3
floors are ideal for moderate commercial and residential traffic, while
AC4 floors can withstand the requirements of general commercial
The most durable soils are classified as AC5 and are suitable for high traffic commercial applications.
Manufacturers are constantly working to improve the durability, flexibility and beauty of the laminate. One of the most exciting brands stratify is Coretec. This
incredible US history line offers cork balancing layers, completely
stable and waterproof core, beautiful decorative layers and the most
durable layers available.


Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Laminate Flooring Origination

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