How to Live Without Waste

Green Living is a new slogan for what has been my practice for most of my life. As the heated environment and global warming hits everything, pollution contributes more to having a devastating effect. Plastic appears to be one of the worst elements because it does not
break down and will fill the earth for 1000 years or more, depending on
the evidence.
Not that hard plastic prevent or at least minimize. Unfortunately, everything we buy these days is packed into it. This applies to appliances, batteries, clothing, and most other things. The plastic on most things is extremely difficult and can not be recycled as, for example, beverage containers.
The sauces are now packed in hard plastic, like a lot of grocery items, including bread. Although it is necessary to avoid contamination by touching or soiling other products as they can not be avoided.
There are, however, means around other debris. My garden where my vegetables are always at hand, is equipped with compost in dead leaves, weeds and kitchen waste. From time to time a little manure and blood and bone or lime is added. This recycling not only what would otherwise go into the dumpster but would make a resource useful.
The worm farm is also an active and kitchen waste is also deposited there. Runoff is used to fertilize plants and when accumulation is too much, is removed and placed directly on the beds.
While my neighbors put their trash bins filled to the brim every week my compartment rarely gets. The only issue is content that can not be recycled and as there is
little plastic or other things to go to the dump that sense could be
emptied every couple of months or so.
Living without waste should be on everyone’s agenda. The landfill site is not the place for things that can be recycled and useful. We all have to think about this and what we can do to reduce the height of waste mountains in the landfill.

How to Live Without Waste

How to Live Without Waste, Live, Waste, Without

from Immor-rêve


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