Reasons Why The Global Environmental Challenges Call for International Collaboration Among Scholars

The environment is the refuge of human life. Its unbridled degradation at this time requires the most urgent attention of researchers from all fields. Many ecologists and lovers of biodiversity conservation and I believe
that effective design strategies to stop this scourge of the attitudes
and harmful activities of individuals requires a pluralistic and
pluridisciplinary approach.
solidly in a single truncated science and technology solutions for the
global environmental threat can not produce the greatest approach to
This is largely due to the multifaceted nature of global environmental
challenges that require good collaboration among academic disciplines.
illustrate, the world needs economic and mathematical knowledge from
economists and mathematicians on how to effectively manage biodiversity
resources, to establish the right measure between use and conservation
engineers and technocrats should come out with new technologies such as
biomimicry and other biotechnological approaches to support endangered
species in our environment.
Artists should reinforce awareness campaigns through their well designed communication design tools. Ethnologists
and bodybuilders and religious should develop strategies on how to
change the weak and / or bad attitudes of people’s behaviors to draw
powerful lessons from their culture (norms, religious beliefs, values,
to use their morale and encourage them to participate in activities
that respect the environment, the protection of nature that humans serve
as guardians or administrators.
Historians should help us follow what has gone wrong in the global environmental situation in the mud. This
will tell us reliably what it was that went wrong and how we can change
the wrong choices that humans have made in the past, once in the past
continue haunting no.
must develop strategies and inform about improving agricultural
practices that do not aggravate the global environmental situation, but
to feed the soil, habitats saves and improve the growth of plant species
in the environment.
nature conservationists and wildlife specialists must demonstrate
measures practically to mitigate the abuse of biodiversity in the
experts should develop strategies to establish strict laws that, when
applied, are strong enough to prevent the guilty environment from having
diverted change their attitude while serving as a powerful deterrent to
others not to
Walk on their missteps.
Law enforcement, military professionals and police personnel must
ensure that environmental laws, standards and regulations work to
strengthen the process of implementing policies, strategies and adhere
to the environmental conventions adopted.
all areas of human activity, some of which are not mentioned here but
play an equally important role in ending global environmental challenges
can collectively produce the most beneficial results for saving the
environment, our home and
Hope for survival for human generations. It
can be argued that the global environmental condition requires
international collaboration among academics in various fields of study
if there is hope of providing a powerful weapon to get rid of the sad
condition of the global environment.

Reasons Why The Global Environmental Challenges Call for International Collaboration Among Scholars

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