Gold Bullion: 11 Foolproof Strategic Investment Reasons

Obviously, you may be wondering why it is so important to gold or precious and what are all these really noises? Well,
the prime contractor my writing that I do not want you to be ignorant
of your financial future / investment / retirement planning.
You should not proceed in the dark on issues related to gold and
precious metals, so I stand before you unfailing reasons why gold should
be part of your investment mix.
1. diversification of assets. When you think of investment vehicles, usually an old adage comes to mind “do not put all your eggs in one basket. “Although some critics say put all your eggs in the same basket and watch, good luck to them. Reasonable and wise investors should ensure that at least 5% of its investment portfolio is gold and precious metals.
2. The existence of gold. The fact is that the gold of the human age and everyone remains gold will be in perpetuity. Gold
is superior to other goods, products or investments (buildings,
vehicles, stocks, bonds, etc.) because the value of these properties can
erode over time and the prevailing economic phenomenon.
Take, for example, the saga of the global stock market in 2008; You must also incur maintenance costs to keep them in good shape.
On the other hand, the value is eroded or rust, no matter how many years we are considering.
3. Shortage of gold. Gold is finished in supply. Statistics revealed that the annual global gold production is about
2500 tons and the value of gold is estimated at US $ 9 trillion. Gold is
better to buy now rather than regret later.
4. status symbol. Stingless words, gold is very attractive and has a powerful impact on nature / human race. In fact, China and India are well known for the great value given to
gold as a reserve of wealth, so that their wealth is expressed by the
quantity and quality of gold possessed.
It is inherent in human nature to want to belong to the highest
investors / social class / politics, so that the value of gold you have
in any society will dictate if you belong to this ostentatious elite
5. Counterparty risks. Gold is completely excluded from counterparty risk. The term means that you put your faith in the ability of the other party to an agreement / contract to perform on the due date. Examples of stock purchases, employers and employees explain better.
You buy shares in the capital market in anticipation of dividends and price appreciation the following year. It
is possible that the stock market could collapse before their target
date or if an employee working for an employer, it is expected that the
employer will pay for the free pension and pension, but the employer can
go before the
retirement. All these scenarios can not happen because it is tangible gold in
their possession and can easily be converted into money to improve their
6. Safe replacement policy. The purpose of the insurance policy is put in the exact financial situation enjoyed before the loss. Gold can also play the same role if you have it. At the time of the national (war) crises as experienced in Liberia and
Rwanda, 1 kg of gold can restore a person to the new comfort life.
7. Bull Market (gold). When
you read any guidance or advice on waiver or product safety, it is
usually the beginning of such a summary that “past performance does not
prejudge future results”.
Therefore, gold is exempt from this model and since the beginning of the new millennium; Gold was encierro with double-digit gains.
8. Anchor against deflation. Of
course, an open secret that the economic downturn is now a global
phenomenon, the debt of more and more countries (for example in the
United States and the United Kingdom) could lead to deflation with
disastrous economic consequences
. The result is that the value of assets erodes, but gold has resilience
and better performance to hold their value regardless of economic
9. geopolitical risks. Wars,
terrorism (USA – unforgettable 911), natural disasters and other allies
of the dangers characterize the world society today.
the time of the war, for example, the safety and survival of the
individual is the main concern, there will surely be economic stagnation
and recession.

Gold Bullion: 11 Foolproof Strategic Investment Reasons

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