Assam Tea – A Refreshing And Healthy Beverage To Start The Day

Assam, one of the largest tea producing regions, is known worldwide for the production of high quality blends. Its black tea is very popular in the beverage market for its bright color and strong malty flavor. Unlike the Himalayan regions, tea is grown here in the lowlands. Gras Assam Brew serves perfect as Irish and English breakfast tea. Have a healthy and refreshing drink right at the beginning of the day Assam tea buy a bulk online business.
MIXTURES two varieties of ASSAM
It is not like Darjeeling, Assam teas are harvested twice a year and as a result there are two types of downloads of this mix. Mixes of both notes have puffs of malt and honey with a different texture and flavor. Tippy leaves the second crop are more than the harvest initially estimated.
Spring Shard – This is the first harvest taking place between March and mid-May. These tea leaves have more fragrance, softness and softness than the other blush.
Summer Flush – This second harvest begins in mid-May and continues throughout the summer months. The mixes of this color produce, dark liquors and soft bodies. Summer blush considered “superior culture” and therefore the wholesale price of Assam tea strong demand for them.
Black Assam mix excellent flavor with spices and milk because it tastes gets an extra touch with additives. If
you want to have Masala Chai drinker, then Assam is the best option
because it has the rich rich flavor and masala chai ideal for.
A beer mug with sugar and Assam milk is as perfect as the breakfast tea. Full-bodied flavor gives a good start to the day. Whole leaves with golden spikes are best for having a good cup of Assam.
Assam serve beer in a cup because of their copper color of the bright white liquor is very attractive. You can feel the sensual aroma of this blend and enjoy the robust malty flavor. Assam beers are enjoyed in the morning. Remember that the spring spring sweeter than the flavor of summer dye.
Like all other varieties of black blends, Assam teas also have high caffeine. This is what makes a delicious breakfast tea. One cup of Assam black beer contains 80 mg of caffeine. In fact, Assam exceeds the combinations of Ceylon and Earl Gray in this context.
However, Assam tea has a strong demand in the wholesale beverage market in India. Try it!

Assam Tea – A Refreshing And Healthy Beverage To Start The Day

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