Is It My Imagination or Does There Appear to Be a Cancer Epidemic?

This question seems to be in the minds of many people. Some say that cancer cells are our body from the day of birth and are not dangerous until its activation.
If so, what causes an increase in activation? One of the many theories is diet. It seems that cancer cells like sugar … but no sugar. It is refined sugar present in cereals, candy bars, baked goods, etc. Oh God, we are a sugar company!
recent theory, published by the Associated Press, was published in the
journal Science entitled “New research says cancer can be caused by
genetic errors”.
say that the most common cause of this “typo” is environmental factors,
such as an aggressive DNA of the body of the world around us as well as
poor diets, smoking, certain hormones or viruses, as well as
The invisible reality the UV rays of the sun and other forms of radiation.
Radiation? Yes! This may explain: cell phones and other wireless technologies is certainly widespread! Pure coincidence is linked to another school of thought that is gaining ground. According
to the World Health Organization, radio waves of electromagnetic
frequency emitted by cell phones and other wireless devices has been
classified as a probable cause of carcinogenic substances.
Wave electromagnetic fields in the body and affect the soft tissue can cause a cell mutation. With
the increasingly intelligent technology that is made public, the body
is exposed to more radiation from electromagnetic fields than the body
can handle naturally.
Dr. Devra Davis under, we are overloaded.
However, everything is not lost … scientific research seeks answers. Currently, there are two companies that are at the forefront of solutions.
1. A company develops innovative nutrition that protects healthy cell division. This diet has been classified as adult stem cell nutrition. It is new, fast and effective in the world today. It
seems that some plants, combined and prepared according to a specific
scientific protocol, encapsulated and consumed daily, help maintain
healthy cells of separation, which can prevent a cancerous cell is
Some ingredients in this nutrition can even kill cancer cells an active time. Dr. Mira PhD Gadzala. Stemtech Health Science, Corp. Is one of these innovative researchers. Dr. Gadzala is a world-renowned expert in orthomolecular and holistic nutrition, as well as cellular medicine. He is currently involved in the formulation of nutrition that supports healthy cell division.
Radiation Protection Radiation EMP: While many scientists are looking
for solutions to this unique EMF physical problem that stands out.
Dr. Yury Kronn, Ph.D. and founder of vital force technology. Dr. Kronn has a pattern that protects the body from electromagnetic radiation is able to infuse a material object. This object is called D-Fuze. When
a person puts one of these items in the back of their cell phones,
radio waves grow away from the harmful EMF body and pushes subtle
positive energy back into the body.
is interesting to note that the specific design of D-Fuze Dr. Yury
Kronn has been tested and certified by an approved FCC Government SAR
This test found that the D-Fuze is extremely effective.
if a person is interested in having the latest innovative technology
and preservation of healthy cell division available, you can check out
MigraStem developed by Dr. Mira Gadzala and Health Sciences Stemtech,
if you want electromagnetic radiation protection may want a D-Fuze
developed by Dr. Yury of vital force technology and sold exclusively by
Stemtech Health Science, Corp.
Visit my website for more information.

Is It My Imagination or Does There Appear to Be a Cancer Epidemic?

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