Supercharge Your Liver With Feng Shui

Your liver is the feng shui master of your body. It has the same needs as their environment and work beautifully if they are fulfilled. He likes a lot of space, prefer to be cool and be in a flowing state as he oscillates. Your
liver is the control tower to direct the circulation and through two
bloodlines, the hepatic artery bringing oxygen-rich blood from the heart
and the hepatic portal vein.
In the parameters of our circadian rhythm, the liver expands and contracts by 40% in each 24-hour cycle. It is one of the most active organs that perform second only to the brain. The ancient civilizations of the Mesopotamian Greeks recognized the
domain of the liver, and the Elizabethan called their monarchic head but
its liver state.
Shui receives essential information from traditional Chinese medicine
and is based on the elements to create beneficial qi.
With his skills and his many talents, the liver is in control of the position of the body. Do we remember this corner so sought our wealth and many aspects of empowerment? Yes,
TCM liver (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is correlated with the wood
element and adds visionary eyes to the body of portals.
know that the wood element is related to everything that grows in
nature, and the liver is the only organ that regenerates and grows back
if it is cut in half.
The wooden element has visionary qualities that keep an eye on decision-making and futuristic projects. Natalie
Angier reported in the New York Times that “the liver has the function
of a military leader who excels in strategic planning” and that the
vision and foresight necessary to plan and decide it makes sense that
the eyes, our body of vision
Are connected and correlated with the liver.
want your liver to be a workaholic, which is typical of the personality
of the wood, but keep in mind not to overload your workload with too
many toxic substances that could cause sclerosis and ultimate failure
liver. In fact, it might be wise advice feed your liver support our arsenal of feng shui sapience:
• With bagua by hand, check your design and find all areas assigned to the wooden element.
• Check the balance. Are there too few or too many shapes, colors, sounds and odors associated with wood?
• If necessary, add air cleaning plants, chimes and scents refreshing such as geraniums or eucalyptus.
• Adding a fountain, if necessary in the form of water, feeds the wood.

Check and see if the qi winds gently around your space and remember
that your body’s state of flow, mind and environment are responsible for
healthy circulation and immune responses at the cellular level
. Connect your body / mind to their environment.
• As the main blood circulation strategist, the liver monitors the
body’s momentary energy requirements and releases nutrients that may be
• Signs of liver may dictate our food choices if we allow ourselves to listen and hear the subtle whispers.
• Research suggests that the liver may play a proactive and reactive role in controlling appetite and food choices. Therefore, it may be wise to turn to the plant kingdom in choosing your next meal. Organize a green smoothie or a green soup cook off cancer.
• Increase your immunity by using turquoise, lush combination of green wood and blue water.
• Engage gemmology with a beautiful turquoise stone.

Note that the liver is the pharmaceutical manufacturer of hormones,
enzymes, coagulation factors, immune molecules and blood chemistry.
Maybe you should be a voluntary participant offering a healthy environment free from toxins.

Supercharge Your Liver With Feng Shui

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