Book Review – Smoky the Cowhorse

For those who do not know “Smoky”, the story follows a horse named Smoker, who was born in the mountains, wild and free. His early years were devoted to playing with his mother and other horses in his herd. After reaching more aggressive and more to escape the hungry wolves
horses, Smoky has many experiences that help you shape a horse and make
it a strong horse who knows how to survive.
addition to being captured as a young man with the rest of the pack so
all foals can be branded with the Ranch Rocking R brand, Smoky has no
contact with humans until it’s time that ”
Broken “and it became an appropriate cowpony.

“break” go horses is difficult and ultimately leads to smoky down, so
it can be mounted, but only for Clint, the man who broke and riding /
beats all the young horses on the ranch
. Clint
and smoked an understanding and also often get money Smoky and money so
strong that no other man can ride, Clint loves the horse of
Smoky also has strange abilities and is quickly invaluable to Clint and Rocking R.
Each fall, after the annual rodeo is over, all cowponies are released to walk the beach until spring. It is during one of those Smoky winters and the band of horses with which it is stolen by someone south of the border.

Lost at the Rocking R, Smoky demonstrates unbearable and finally sold to a Rodeo team. It is here that Smoky is known as “El Puma” – A wild horse can ride. Clint while searching for his beloved horse, Smoky goes through a series of races and owners.
Smoky is a classic in the world of horse books and if you are a fan of this kind, you should really read this book. There is a reason that has been turned into a movie (twice), as well as a Newbery winner.

only reservation is that because it was written by a real cowboy in the
1920s, is both not up to date in how horses are treated, how different
people are, and the “cow talks”
“Bad grammar and spelling errors (CREDO for the creature, eddicación
for education), which are frequent, but at least coherent.

Some chapters to get used to the unusual language takes, and if you stay with it, the reward is well worth it. The story is interesting and often shoot in your sensitive cords.

Book Review – Smoky the Cowhorse

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