The Kite or Kite Flying

General description
History Kite is about 300 years old. In addition, it is the oldest form of airplane. It was born / invented in China about 300 years ago. During the Han dynasty (2000 BC to 200 AD), the Chinese army used to attach the bamboo pipes to the kite. The passage of the wind through the pipes produced a whistle that made the enemy troops panic and flee. Thus, kites have an important role in the classical Chinese army.
The comet is the name of a beautiful bird. The name “Kite” comes from the graceful bird and skyrocketed, kite. It is the combination of many things. Kites
can be made of paper, light wood, sheets, fabric and other lighter
materials such as synthetic plastics, nylon, fiberglass, etc.
Bamboo, light wood, aluminum and junks can be used to manufacture the frame of the wing. Marco Kite is the most important dependent factor. Another most important ingredient is the chain or line (known locally as the Manja). Cotton is most suitable for making rope or line, but nylon and polyester can also be an ingredient used. However, nylon and polyester are relatively dangerous and banned in Pakistan. More popular, kites are transported by air for recreation, scientific research and for military purposes.
Kites are not important to everyone but it is definitely something that we love and can relate to so many ways. The parents of the Comets buy for their children on holiday. Some of the kites are so large and are shaped like sharks and snakes. These kites have very long tails lashes in the wind too. Recently, there is a revival everywhere of kite festivals. You can see fascinating designs of colorful kites of different shapes and sizes during these festivals. Some countries like Pakistan, China, Japan, India and Thailand have regular festivals such banquets. These have led to innovations in the design of comets such as box, bow, and dragon delta etc. Her lovers have clubs set up contests and kite.
Technical Kite behind
It is interesting to know how to fly kites. The combination of strength, endurance and gravity it holds in the air. It
must be steered in such a way that the angle of the wind, called the
angle of attack, offers the maximum lift to overcome both resistance and
The angle of attack can be controlled by one or more short lines called flanges. The kite is so easy and surprising. The wind is rapidly increasing in the air. If there is enough rope to let the kite go as high as you want to go. It has become a little more difficult to control in the air because the wind continues to dig. He was so peaceful to see how they swayed in the breeze.
The kite is really a sport for all in Pakistan. It is quite cheap and you do not have to rely on anything from special playgrounds or even a computer to enjoy. Just like the free flight of imagination, dreams, aspirations and
ambition, kite gives a release to the instinctive desire to fly high in
the sky.
My name is Muhammad Ishaq. I did my M.Un (Master of Arts in Persian) at the University of Peshawar. I write articles on Persian poets and rehearsals for school, university and college students.

The Kite or Kite Flying

Flying, Kite, The Kite or Kite Flying

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