How to Tame a Lovebird

Lovebirds are beautiful creatures and amazing animals. Add beauty and charm to your home. Just the view of these beautiful birds is a refreshing experience. If you tame an inseparable, the joy they bring to your life has a double effect. Inseparable of any age can be tamed and trained. However, if you have inseparable baby bred by hand then they are much easier to tame than adults.
Decide how many inseparable to domesticate and start with one bird at a time. Domar a parakeet requires all your attention. A pair of lovebirds socialize with each other and the process becomes more difficult for you. A single bird will examine a human being as your partner and learn the
process quickly and easily and training away becomes a fun experience
for your bird.
Domar a parakeet requires patience, time and practice of your bird. A domesticated parakeet is worth the time you spend in domestication. The best time to start training is as soon as possible. The training should be divided into three to five sessions of more than ten to fifteen minutes each. Training sessions should take place almost every day.
Take your parakeet in another room where there is a minimum of distractions from external sources. Close all the windows and open so your bird can not steal the doors. Lovebird now brings her cage and talk to her gently. Words like “good parrot” etc, etc. have a calming effect on your bird and help it calm and prepare for training. Do not scream or yell.
Establish a relationship of trust with your bird. Fearful birds are difficult to tame. Once your bird is comfortable in his presence, put his hand in his cage with food in his hand. Do not make abrupt movements that can scare your bird. Do this several times until your parakeet familiarizes you with your hand and start eating the food from your hand.
The next step is to display on your finger. To do this, bring your finger near the parakeet and tap into his chest. The bird will go out of balance and in order to balance itself will intensify and sit on your finger. Now, out of his cage and talk a few words of encouragement and offer a gift to meet the required behavior. Repeat the process several times.
When your parakeet has learned to sit on your finger, take it to its cage and teach it down on its perch. With the repetition of the bird easily go up and down as many times as you like. Patience is necessary to teach these steps. Some birds learn very quickly, while others learn a little later, depending on the age of your bird. Practice it again and again until it becomes second nature.
Now, teach him to fly to your hand remotely. Take the food in your hand and say the known word or whistle. When your parakeet fly to your hand, give it the treat and talk encouraging lyrics. Practice this step as many times until your bird learns this step completely and flies to his hand instantly. With practice and patience finally, you have a beautiful hand tame parakeet.

How to Tame a Lovebird

How to Tame a Lovebird, Lovebird, Tame

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