Deer Fence

One of the most important areas of a deer farm is fencing. Maintaining safe and secure actions is a priority for farmers. The most effective and widely used fencing deer rate is a fixed woven wire knot yarn.
A heavy Titan fence is one of the strongest market options and a durable fence. Their strength comes from their fixed vertical wires and fixed node
Titan – a large, easily visible and extremely strong flowing knot.
The fence is made of galvanized steel and resistant to corrosive damage. A
properly woven wire mesh fence made of high-strength high-grade steel
can last for more than 40 years depending on the quality and processing
of the fence posts used;
This significantly reduces maintenance and repair costs over the use of low quality or improperly installed fencing.
are several different options for closing fixed nodes, with different
options available for the height of the woven yarn and the spaces
between the vertical cables.
height of about 96 “has proven itself worldwide – deer tend to jump
over fences inferiores.Una deer fence this point with fixed node Titan
creates a very strong barrier which is also highly visible,
Helping to minimize impact damage to content animals.
The vertical wires can be spaced between 3 “and 12” on the other; The distance must be determined by the particular application of the fence in the area concerned. The higher the vertical spacing, it will be stronger deer wire fence. However, the tightly spaced vertical vertical cables being used more steel, making the surface of the fence. The vertical spacing yarn 6 “is the most used, providing a good balance between strength and profitability. The vertical spacing yarn 3 “can be used for high pressure animal
areas, while a more economical spacing 12” Less pressure than the
internal deer farm enclosures.
In some cases it may be desirable to use a double closure system; For
example, the effectiveness of a fence can increase dramatically around a
Hart farm, installing a second tightly woven wire hart away 3-4 feet
from the first perimeter grid.
This creates a barrier that deer fails to erase and predators find it extremely difficult to negotiate.
you embark on a project or a game of deer fencing, it is important to
decide which deer fence specification robust wire will best suit your
fence needs.

Deer Fence

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