Attention Moms: Our Children Don’t Have to Love Us

I have seen blogs mom and mom say something like “always your mother”
or “do not love but still love you” and I feel like it’s time we all
take a few steps back and we
Have some verification of the reality:
Our children should not love us.
Love is a beautiful thing. Our world works and depends more than any other basic principle. It
is the foundation of our relationships with our friends, family and
children, but deep and honest love is not involved nor necessary.
It is not given freely. You win.
have heard many mothers say that love has gained by 9 months of
pregnancy and the agonizing birth hours, but that’s just not true.
Birth is an astonishing thing. The
gift of creating, transporting and giving life to birth in this world,
it is as sacred as the earth itself, and it is something that we as
women always have a deep attachment to.
But, of course, this is not what gives us the deep and affectionate connection that many of us think for our mothers.
one remembers the day they were born, but remember that our closets
were examined by monsters and taken every day from school to ballet,
football and home with a mother exhausted with sweat pants when
managed to make us dinner once when he kicked the big tennis shoes of
his feet covered with blisters and rubbed his temples, lest his head
could explode.
We remember endless sacrifice and support, love, worship, friendship and pride.
remember the time when our mothers trained us in the people we are
today because they are children (little people, yes, but nevertheless
And people like to grow through coherence, support and communication. If your child does not get these things from you, there is a genetic component within those that makes you love. Five, ten, and twenty years down the road, keeping us remembering our
mothers after nightmares, giving advice when we are lost in the woods,
and sustaining us continuously as we pursue our dreams.
are the things that make a mother a mother, and these are the things
that allow us to develop a lasting, loving relationship with our
children are autonomous beings with individual emotions arising from
their personal perception of the world, and we must honor that.
These are the things that we, as mothers, must remember every day.

Attention Moms: Our Children Don’t Have to Love Us

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