Is the Digital Generation Going to Be Smarter or Dumber?

What do you think of the title question? We must strive to strike a balance for our new generation. Read on to know what I mean.
children of the new generation learn to play video games or use the
computer at an early age, whereas we fail to use twenty years or even
the thirties.
Naturally, they are more useful and smarter than us.
Play, surf or use social media in ipads, TABs, laptop or computers are a piece of cake for the kids of our generation. However, if you are sitting in front of them all the time, his eyes
riveted on them all day, damaging your eyesight and becoming unhealthy.
So we have to talk to the children about compromise. Play and use digital devices for only an hour or two a day. You have to do your homework and study and play in the mud and dirt as well. You must aim for balance. One day, whatever you educate better and makes you smarter instead of
staying inactive with digital devices all day, making you more stupid.
We must eliminate the dependence of our children on digital devices. And they understand how to speak heart to heart. And explain the damage they do themselves. We must take responsibility for the way we engage in all kinds of activities. Only then will our children learn and become more intelligent.
As I said, we must strive for balance. When our children break this balance, they injure themselves and become more stupid.
Well, as I said, parents can show the children of the digital generation how to fight this balance. And then only can become more intelligent.
All children need to be a nerd or deactivated. There will be something there. But most children can learn to spend time once learned to do it effectively.
need to spend time with their family, participate in conversations with
adults and friends, attend birthday parties and play in a park, in
addition to manipulating digital devices.
If the parents assume this responsibility, the children will surely be great intelligent children.
Strive only for that balance, dear father. And you will see grow up smart, age grace and still be even smarter as they grew up. So, matter, you did not bring your children to life for nothing. You
need to educate them appropriately and then only our new digital
generation is limited and elegantly embellished in good health.

Is the Digital Generation Going to Be Smarter or Dumber?

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