Primary Cause of Cancer in Smokers Isn’t What You Think

When you think of a lung cancer smoker, what is probably in mind is that tobacco is responsible for the damage. This is a plausible answer, but research begins to paint a different image. At
school and in the media, it is taught that carcinogens in cigarettes
causes accumulation in the lungs that eventually turns into cancer.
truth is that no one really knows what is on cigarettes that leads to
cancer, but the smart answer would be the many chemicals found inside.
Integrative medicine doctors never advocate putting chemicals in your body if you want to avoid cancer.
There have been many studies that have studied the effects of cigarettes and cancer link. It was found that there is something in cigarettes that acts as the main culprit of lung cancer. In the integrative medicine community, it is believed that the main culprit can potentially wreak havoc on our food supply. It could also indicate that carcinogenic substances in foods that have been genetically modified, including snuff. However, there is no real proof of this yet.
What is the main culprit for lung cancer?
Polonium 210 is found in cigarettes. This is a highly radioactive element. As disintegrating, it releases alpha particles. Although they can not penetrate deep into your system, they can cause all kinds of damage to the cells with which it interacts. Essentially, Polonium-210 is chemically toxic. Those
with high concentrations of toxins in your body can consult an
integrative medicine doctor in your area for services such as chelation
therapy and ozone.
These are sometimes used in conjunction with alternative cancer treatments.
In nature, you can find this toxic in small amounts, so why exposure in agriculture? It is made by the calcium phosphate fertilizers commonly used in tobacco fields and other food crops.
The dangers of radioactive fertilizers
This sounds like a horrible scenario for a science fiction movie, but real life and a real threat, especially for smokers. Studies show that it is the main cause of lung cancer among users of snuff. It is the only substance in cigarettes that have been found to have cancerous side effects in laboratory animals.
you are a smoker it is a good idea to consult a qualified integrative
medicine in your area to see how you can quit smoking and prevent the
onset of the lung cancer doctor.

Primary Cause of Cancer in Smokers Isn’t What You Think

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