Experts Share Important Lawn Care Tools Homeowners Should Have

Lawn tools usually fall into 3 categories – basic tools, tools and special tools for rental.
Basic tools for lawn care
Garden rake – This is a rake with steel head that is very useful for preparing small areas for planting corks, twigs and seeds.
Wheelbarrow – This tool will carry all lawn care lawn fertilizer.
Pala – is mainly used for large quantities of fine grain materials such as dirt, sand or non-fibrous mulch. Think of the weight selection. It will be much easier for you to dig if you use a lighter blade.
Spreader – Precision is the main difference between the rotating spreader and the fall. A droplet separator distribute fertilizer, seed and other alterations. The configuration allows you to control the amount distributed. A rotary spreader, on the other hand, the release or modification of seeds over a wide area. However, this should not be used for small irregularly shaped lawns.
Roller – This is a crescent-shaped cutting head is mounted on a hardwood handle to keep the edges of the lawn ordered. It can be used to cleanly separate a paved surface from grass. It offers a more finished look because it trims the sold over placing the grass along the jagged edges of the lawn.
Special tools
Blowers – It is powered by gas or electric. Plus, they can be bagged, or backpack styles. Although you can not rake the leaves on the lawn, you will surely enjoy using a fan to push the leaves under the bushes. Some recommend investing in electric fans because they are quieter and produce no emissions.
Edger Power – This is a tool with short cut grass blade edges to create vertically or horizontally on the edges of the lawn.
Sierra – A chain saw is an excellent tool for cutting tree branches and trunks. This can handle most tasks. This is quiet, low maintenance, always read go, and does not emit any exhaust.
Rental tools
Civil engineering – This will include bulldozers, mechanical shovels, excavators, backhoes and many others.
Power Aerator – Available in different styles. Load compacted soil drilling many small holes in it.
Vertical Mower – This is like a lawn mower that can be used for dethatching and scarifying the soil for effective seeds. This has blades mounted vertically to penetrate slightly into the ground.
Lawn Roller – You can use this tool to prepare the soil for planting. Although it is cheap, it occupies a storage space.

Experts Share Important Lawn Care Tools Homeowners Should Have

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