How to Learn the Art of Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. It is an art form that is a little different from the others. This is because there are “rules” on how to create forms of letters, called “hands” or styles of calligraphy. In the computer language these styles are called “sources.”
In order to create a particular form letter, it is really necessary to study closely to look at the cards. It is very important to find examples of these styles of letters that are created by master calligraphers. Because
most people know how to write, you can go wrong by learning from
someone who really knows little about the hands of historical writing
It would be like trying to become a professional photographer of someone who only used each phone to take pictures! Learning from a master scribe will teach excellent skills to create letters and always an excellent design.
of the important characteristics of the calligraphy that you will learn
is that the letters have thick and thin parts, which are created by the
angle by which you hold your pen with a square cut plate.
This is the part of the pen that comes in various sizes, which are soaked in ink or paint. You get this angle to keep the pen always writing their letters. In copper calligraphy, thick, thin pieces of letters are created by pressing the ink pen when writing.
is the most important feature: learn the height, width, inclination,
serifs, branches and other parts of the letters and be able to write
them this way every time!
This is part of the study, observation and practice. You
have to get used to the pen: at the right angle holding a pen, how hard
it is to press (press paper or the ink does not run!) A lot of ink and
even the way you put on the
above. And
once you learn more about training letters, then you need to learn more
about this type of ink or paint, paper, paper as a rule, proper spacing
… and so
Do not get discouraged. It takes time. It
is the same as any professional knows his tools: a carpenter using a
saw, a plastic surgeon, stitches a great tennis player using his racket.
It takes many hours, and finally years to become a coherent master.
The last part of learning is the art of calligraphy. It takes some talent to create beautiful letters and documents. Go to the calligraphy guild websites like the Society of the Scribes in New York. Check out the work of the best calligraphers, such as John Stevens Designs, and Eleanor Winters, Joanne Fink and others. There are impressive works of art! Not everyone can be a superior type, no matter how many hours of practice. You need skills and talents.

How to Learn the Art of Calligraphy

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