How to Write a Non Fiction Book in 7 Days Flat: 5 New Rules for Marketers & Brand Builders

Who else love to write a non-fiction book in 7 days or less? Do you think it sounds too good to be true? Do you think you should write a bad book quickly if you are writing, or a system?
Think again! If you are someone who would like to see your name on Amazon, a book
that helps people and build BUZZ for your blog, brand, business and bank
account, this article was written to you in mind.
You want to know more? Continue reading as we look closer Super 7 simple simple rules to publish a quality book in just 7 days.
Rule # 1: How about when? This is very important, and is the part that if you jump, simply reduce the chances that actually follow through and do it.
Set up a wordcount, and in the day and stick to it … good bad or indifferent. In other words, commit to publish on the set date, even if the book you created is not as good as I had hoped. (You can always go back and edit it once it’s live) Set a 7-day goal
and count daily content and stay fiercely focused on getting it.
Rule 2: Teach, not write. This is extremely important for non-fiction books. If you form Shakespeare, or try to write War and Peace in your niche, market or theme, you will never be published. Think of yourself as a teacher, not a writer and the urge to develop perfect poetic prose does not seem almost as important. (And help you a lot more people as a result)
Rule # 3: Teach one thing at a time: Avoid irresistible desire, or data dump all their niche knowledge in one place. Think small but series. Stick with a simple lead, or a teaching book, and in order to improve
the life of your audience concretely by piece of content you are
publishing this system
Rule # 4: Making People Better! This
goes hand in hand with the ethics of teaching not writing … and
should be your primary goal to write the book in the first place.
What have you touched, tasted, seen or explored that can help me live better, more daring, happier or healthier life? Focus
on transforming the lives of those who trust you with their time and
attention, and apply an altruistic energy to what you put into the
I will come back to you, I promise you.
Rule # 5: To make your book in 7 days, estructúralo as follows:
IntroMain conceptExercise / primary techniqueChallenges / FAQhomeworklittle questionGreat question
Each day they focus on just one element of that fact, and do it. Do
not play or spread the task that day, and you will be amazed to see and
how quickly and easily you find your book finished accordingly.

How to Write a Non Fiction Book in 7 Days Flat: 5 New Rules for Marketers & Brand Builders

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