Honor Mom With A Spin Around The Bagua

Are we on the move in a world of information overload? We continue to receive reminders about mindfulness and disorder disorder. Science tells us that multitasking is not good for our brain. And we discovered that women, especially mothers, are the best multi-tasking of all. Men insist on doing “first things first” as they like to report, but mothers really have no choice. Therefore, to celebrate all mothers during the month of May, we seek
to help mothers with one of the best organizational principles of feng
shui, the symbolic card called “Bagua” which means “eight sectors”.
Let’s walk around the Bagua and focus on the details. The bagua aims to illuminate and guide those seeking to follow the path of optimal performance. We
entered the grid eight sectors on the threshold of “now” fully aware
that the “I” carries the heritage complex and personal stories.
Shui traditional feng designated this area a “career”, but it is much more essential to personal myth than only a race. In this point of entry at Bagua, we present our personal vibrations in space and radiate our energy to the environment.
on our trip just around the bagua, we pay tribute to the wisdom and
knowledge of the mother who is rooted in their education, but also
reveals how she continues to cultivate her person.
go ahead, the “family” gua goes well beyond the core of the immediate
family and extends to friends and the community, including those who
have gone before.
Mom is the glue that holds them all together with an affectionate brace and affectionate care.
The popular corner of the “wealth” of the Bagua can not be underestimated in position of power. In
any space where the property is the largest pole of visual contribution
and should be the mother point of the executive reign.
It is often the source of a man’s prosperity and inspiration for his success. The Gua “future” at the zenith of our symbolic plan gives the psychic
impulse to shine a light on our social position when mothers stress
integrity and reputable behavior.
Gua house of conjugal happiness and “relationships” is the strength of the mother where she nets in quiet strength. She is the pacifier and the bridge over many a fault when the need is greater. His “legacy” gua, including the “children” or one of his multi-task projects, is the creative foundation of all their efforts.
The next and last of the eight sectors is the traditional corner of “useful people.” Feng shui in this field Modern Dedicate to “compassion”. When the need arises, Mom will always reach out and close as the “support” anchor.
all points of our octagonal model, we turn to the center, the area of
​​”tai chi” which is the “last great” in the spiritual language.
In mundane interpretations, feng shui attributed this sector “health”. Mothers are promoters and promoters of physical and mental health. The superstars of the origin and the survival of humanity. Let’s celebrate moms for more than a day during Good May.
We wish to allow all sectors of the bagua to bring qi beneficial (chi)
to the mother and her clan with Feng Shui recommendations:
• A water body for the entrance area
• A crystal bowl with blue flowers for wisdom and deep ideas
• gua family Succulent
• A jade plant for wealth and empowerment
• Red roses for the future gua
• Pink roses for love and relationships
• gardénia blanc inheritance
• A wind from the support bell
• And a bouquet of yellow roses in the center


Honor Mom With A Spin Around The Bagua

Around, Bagua, Honor, Honor Mom With A Spin Around The Bagua, Mom, Spin

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