Attend A College That Has Your Back

than two million students enter college every year with the hope that
the schools they attend will take care of them when problems and
emergencies arise.
Some students are satisfied with how your college is responding to
their problems, while others will be disappointed, some may even be
So much is happening in college today that new students are never anticipating the campus. To make better comparisons include these factors in the evaluation of schools to participate.
Factors Comparison Universitaria
1. Credible Information – School does a good job of informing students about good, bad and ugly?
2. Environment – Administrators and student-oriented teachers? Are they worried about learning and student success?
3. Students – Your companions happy, friendly and helpful? Be sure to talk to as many students as possible. Try to talk to students in their field of study.
4. Crime – How Safe Campus and Environment? How many flights take place on campus each year? Does the school offer students statistics and safety tips? What is the effectiveness of the security force? How many students were assaulted or stolen last year?
5. Rape and sexual assault – Your academic reports and publishes statistics on violations? Training is offered to students in the prevention of rape? Rapes are quickly and firmly They deal? How many violations have occurred in the last five years?
6. Using drugs – How often are drugs in this university? When the last drug attack? What kind of addicts help the students? How many deaths have resulted from the use of drugs?
7. Alcohol – Is it a party school? Alcohol is allowed on campus?
8. Hazarding – Door sororities, clubs, organizations and societies of honor Hazard used in the initiation process?
9. Kills – On average, how many students die each year? What is the story of five years of death?
10. Emergency notification procedures – It is essential to keep students safe when there is a dangerous person on campus. What is the procedure? How has it been in the past effective?
11. Medical Aid – What is effective and efficient is the medical department of the campus? To what extent is the hospital? Do students know how to get help when there is a medical emergency?
12. Learning – Are the courses available to students in their field of study? Is there help available from their teachers?
13. Diversity – Are there students, administrators and teachers of
several races, religions and cultures on campus, dormitories and
14. Harassment – How does your university relate to students who constantly harass others? Are they accusing students of their options and rights?
15. Dispute Resolution – Is there a dispute resolution process in place and students communicate? Does it work?
Employment Assistance – Since preparing for the job search is an
ongoing process that begins in the first year of college and ends when
the student accepts a job, a college puts in enough time and resources
Help students prepare?
Clubs, Organizations and Activities – Schools that offer a pleasant
college experience offer a variety of ways for students to learn,
participate, contribute and succeed.
Does the school meet their needs in this area?
18. Parking – Students with cars should investigate the availability, rates, rules and penalties for on-campus parking. Is the situation acceptable to you parking?
Time Graduation Rates – The availability of required classes can be a
problem for students because they are close to graduation.
Does the college give preference to students of the upper class must enter a class to graduate? Paying for a semester is an expensive solution.
20. Counseling Services – A large number of students receive counseling. What is the availability and effectiveness of administrators need?
21. Cost / Reputation – Does the school have a good reputation in your field of study? How many employers visit the university to recruit students in your field? You should consider going to a more expensive university, to attract employers in your field?

Attend A College That Has Your Back

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