Log Cabins – What to Look For

If you run out of room in the house but do not want the hassle and
expense of building an extension, a log cabin can be a relatively quick
and easy solution.
type of structure can make an ideal home office, game room, workshop or
playroom, offering an attractive outdoor shelter, and add interest and
value to your home.
Here are some practical tips for anyone considering a log cabin:
What is the difference between a log cabin and a summer house?
Log cabins share some common features with summer houses, but they are larger and larger buildings with much thicker woods. Its walls are constructed using slotted precision cutting balls so tightly interlocked that not the necessary fasteners. Floors and ceilings are usually constructed from tongue wood and
narrow fitting groove, which is suitable for a range of solid uses and
hermetic structures.
Newspapers are usually made of oven-dried wood. This process draws the moisture from the wood to a precise level, which reduces deformation and minimizes the risk of starting.
What are the main points to look for in a log cabin?
All cabins are the same. The density of the wall can vary from about 28 mm to 50 mm above, and the floors are generally between 19 mm and 28 mm thick. Some cabins have double glazing, which makes them usable in all
climates, while others can only have one glazing, so check before
As for roofs, most are thick and are available around 19 mm with an optional coating. Felt shingles are widely regarded as the most attractive, but can also be obtained bitumen wavy panels and felt sheets.
Also consider the shape of the building. Log
cabins with sloping ceilings, they tend to be higher than the flat or
inclined, which can sometimes limit the places where you can place in
the roof of your garden.
And traditional cottages with outbuilding type roof structures often
take up more floor space than modern minimalism, so be sure to take into
account when measuring.
Do you need a planning permission for log cabin?
you plan to erect a small separate building, such as a log cabin, shed
or sun room in your yard, in general you do not need building
These are the main points to consider:
1. allowed to place a building beyond the front wall of its house – in other words, in the front yard.
More than 50% of the land around the original home can be occupied by
offices or extensions – so if you have a small yard, measure carefully
to ensure there is enough space for a stand
Before you commit.
3. Height is an important factor. If the cabin is less than 2.5 meters high at its highest point, you can put less than 2 meters from its limit; Otherwise you will have to place more.
Cabins must comply with construction standards?
Construction standards are safety rules that govern the way a structure is constructed. They do not apply if your log cabin is less than 15 square meters and contains no sleeping accommodations. Even though the cabin is between 15 and 30 square meters, generally
you must comply with the building rules if it is less than 1 m from the
if you are hoping to use the cabin as an annex to Granny, B & B or
Holiday, you must comply with the building regulations, as it will
include sleeping accommodation.
This applies to all sizes and cabin for safety reasons. More information is available on the Government Planning Portal website.
Where is the best place for a log cabin?
Put the car on a level in the garden. Leave
a good space in the building so you can reach the walls to apply
treatments or repairs, and remember to consider the roof overhang to
measure available space.


Log Cabins – What to Look For

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