Include Dairy Products in Your Daily Diet

Dairy products are milk and all made with milk. This milk may be a mammal such as a cow, a buffalo and a shelter. A processing process to improve the life of products, and the process is called a dairy plant.
Some of the dairy products consumed are as follows:

Cottage cheese (paneer)
Cheese (like – Mozzarella, cheddar, feta, etc.)
Condensed milk
CCrea sour
Ice cream, and others.
There is a lot of debate to include dairy products in the daily diet or not? Nutritionists suggest that these products are a source rich in calcium and protein. But remember not to include ice cream as rich in these nutrients. A number of vitamins and minerals are also provided by the dairy
and provide a good reason to include these foods in your daily diet.

    Protein: necessary for the growth and repair of body cells / tissues.
The iodine required by the thyroid gland and helps to regulate the rate of metabolism.
Vitamin A: necessary to maintain good vision and a healthy immune system.
Vitamin B12: necessary for the production of healthy cells.
Vitamin C: helps in the formation of healthy connective tissue.
Calcium: necessary for normal bone growth and bone strength.
Phosphorus: necessary for the release of energy.
The magnesium needed to facilitate normal muscle function.
Riboflavin needed for a healthier skin.
Dairy products are essential to maintain healthy bones
These products are rich in calcium, it is necessary to facilitate the growth and development of the bone. During childhood, when the process of bone development is at the top, it is essential to be included in the diet of children. For the same reason, it is also essential for expecting mothers. Early and adequate calcium intake helps prevent bone problems such as osteoporosis. For the elderly, it is essential to keep the bone healthy. Calcium from dairy sources is much healthier and better than those that are taken in supplement form. Therefore, including dairy products in the diet of all age groups is essential.
Dairy products do not promote obesity
A healthy and balanced diet does not promote obesity. A healthy diet is incomplete without a glass of milk. The simple misconception is that regular consumption of dairy products can lead to obesity and fat deposits. However,
some studies have shown that the inclusion of milk in the diet is
essential for healthy eating and does not promote obesity.
The key is to eat everything in moderation. Milk is not high in fat – whole milk having about 4% fat, half-skimmed milk 1.7% and skim milk has about 0.3% fat. Cheese can contain a lot of fat, but when eaten in moderation, can be a rich source of protein and calcium.
Fortified dairy products
technology has made it possible to provide milk, yogurts and other
dairy products fortified with vitamin D. Vitamin D helps packs the
absorption of calcium and makes dairy products much healthier to eat.
Calorie-conscious people can make good use of low-fat products and a balanced diet.

Include Dairy Products in Your Daily Diet

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