Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning – What To Know

Commercial carpet cleaning can be steam cleaned or dry cleaned, but it is best use. Both methods have their disadvantages and advantages.
Steam Cleaning
Because steam is used to clean the carpet, it is most preferred. It is also an effective method for carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning will remove dirt and help increase the lifespan of your carpet. It is also called hot water extraction. Commercial carpet cleaning using the steam cleaning method has two methods that you can use.
• Portable extraction is typically used in industries involved in carpet cleaning activities. The suction machine is not as strong as the truck assembly machine. Steam cleaning mats is used for large-scale carpet cleaning in hospitals, flats and more
Truck mounting: hot water under pressure is mixed with a carpet
cleaning solution that is non-toxic to remove dirt and dirt from the
You can remove the deep dirt installed on the carpet as well.
• It takes a long time to dry• During drying, dirt can replace the carpet• If not properly dried, it may cause fungal or bacterial growth on the carpet
Dry cleaning
Although “dry cleaning” says this does not mean they do not use water at all, but it is very little used. When this method of negotiating carpet cleaning services have to choose between four methods used.
• dry compound – a dry compound extends over the carpet and is left to dry for a period of time. This mixture will absorb dirt from the carpet. After determining for this compound is left on the carpet time, it is removed with a vacuum cleaner.• Dry chemistry: this is similar to the dry foam method, the difference being the use of the machine. In this method, cover mats and not empty, it is used. Bonnet pad rub the carpet, then absorb the dirt.• Dry shampoo foam is applied to the carpet and allowed to dry. While dry shampoo absorbs dirt. Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum dry /• oscillating pad: the first step of spraying a balanced pH spray on the carpet and leave it for a certain period of time. This is usually thirty to sixty minutes. This aerosol reacts with the dirt to loosen so that it can be removed with a cotton pad.
• Not as effective as steam cleaning• residues on carpet completely disappears• Because the residues remain on the carpet, more dirt will be deposited on the carpet and slowly reduce the life of the carpet.

Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning – What To Know

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