Practice Celestial Feng Shui With Lunar Guidance

Do you have a long list of honeys that goes on indefinitely in the future? Are you overwhelmed by programming pressures? It’s time to ask for help in heaven. The moon is there every night to guide the subtle light and cycles of 28 days finished. Reduce your list into easy-to-manage segments is the solution to your dilemma.
the basic principles of feng shui discover the tools we need to analyze
and implement cyclical data as they appear in celestial patterns.
Yin and yang, qi and bagua can participate in the moon’s work habits. When
we correlate the coordinates of the moon with feng shui bagua, we found
that the new moon is the launching pad to enter the bagua, the queen
and the full moon at the 180 degree zenith.
The cardinal directions and corresponding to the four critical phases of the moon.
The moon has a subtle influence on our network of neurons and internal organs. It affects everything that has to do with liquids and water. Since our bodies are 60% water, the moon affects the bodily functions, but also has certain forces in our psyche. For example, during a new moon some people are prone to depression,
digestive functions are weak and the full moon increases blood pressure
and energy levels are high.
From our point of view on earth, we see the phases of the moon according to their angle to the sun orbiting the earth. For our feng shui needs we interpret these phases as the guiding thread of our path and we organize our tasks accordingly.
to how we make feng shui adjustments in our space with the notion of
changing energy patterns, we can use the moon as a source of energy.
the moon develops, more and more visible light, suggesting a growth
model that has been used by agricultural crops for centuries.
People living with the moon’s rhythms do not start anything until they see the slender crescent of the moon.
yin and yang are always related to one another, it is easy to assume
that the new moon is the yin phase of the cycle while a full moon is
Qi or lunar energy, if we call it, is activated and decreases, which
indirectly affects the internal functions and the autonomic nervous
In our efforts to organize and create programs that are easy to manage, the best time to start is the new moon. It is dark and secret phase of the moon when the moon is not visible. This is when we project and we are inspired by all kinds of new ideas and desires. Time is our secret creativity, the gestation period for everything new
and exciting to enter the field of wonderful possibilities.
We are working on our list of issues that we want to address and refine over the next 28 days. Remember, this list is meant to be limited and manageable, so we’d better keep our questions in one number. During
this dark phase of an invisible moon, we secretly establish keywords
that motivate us and prompt us to act as soon as you see the first
moonlight strip.
We are now beginning to shed light on our path to implementation and compliance with our action plan. The moon develops, the more light is thrown our way, and more energy we move forward.
Often we review our list and we are pleased to review the main activities that have already implemented or completed. Then, when the moonlight sheds light on everything in front of us, a
critical appraisal of our progress and focus on the extra work needs to
be done.
As the light of the moon begins to weaken, we enter a period of completion and unwinding. After successfully realizing what we have aligned, it is time to relax and nourish the body and mind. Allow it to cool and take care and feel rinsed with pride while admiring the list of checks and accomplished tasks. Do not be surprised by Unfinished Business, keywords or topics that do not work. Simply transfer these points to your next list as you begin a new lunar cycle guide.
The moon, with its constant revolutions and night lighting is an elixir soothing our sense of time sometimes anxious.

Practice Celestial Feng Shui With Lunar Guidance

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