Can A Boat Tracker Protect Your Boat From Theft?

If you own a fleet of vessels for personal or commercial purposes, it is important to consider safety. First, you need to take a proactive approach and note the serial number, including the hull number and engine of each vessel.
Second, you need to install a compact, portable follower boat in order to monitor alive. You can certainly protect it from theft because it has useful technical features.
# 1 – Easy to use
• A tracker is a lightweight device and does not consume much space. It is very easy to install the device in the motor or near the battery.
• Simply connect directly to the power supply to start live tracking immediately.
# 2 – Centralized Fleet Management
• If you manage a commercial fleet of the company, you can use the fleet management console to easily add employees and ships.
• You can assign employees of several vessels for monitoring purposes.
# 3 – Live Tracking
• It is very easy to track the fleet via your laptop or laptop from a secure connection.
• You can set GEOFENCING limits on the Web console for automatic SMS
alerts on your phone if the boat leaves the geographic area outside the
established perimeter.

You can also check the route of the story and play the option of
playing moving map to redraw the route of a vehicle for a date and a
time interval.
You can also find the estimated time and speed of the boat.
# 4 – Management Driver Efficiency
• A robust tracking device calculates the qualification of the driving behavior and sends a customized report.
• The report will include pilot violations of basic functions
(overspeed, geofencing, etc. excessive idle) and penalty points received
against each case.
• You can give feedback to each driver statistic or employee.
• It will help lead a lean and productive business unit.
• It also reduces theft risk that drivers and employees will remain vigilant and attentive due to automated system algorithms.
# 5 – Reports

You can extract custom reports in graphical and statistical form for
detailed travel history, event log SOS button logging drop detection,
fuel status and speed violation cases to monitor, control and protect
vessels against sensor
flight .
• You can even schedule reports and receive easily on your smartphone. You will save time and resources.
# 6 – Remote stop
• The scanner offers the possibility of freezing or stopping the boat’s remote power supply system.
• Simply send an SMS from your mobile phone to turn it off and prevent unauthorized use.
# 7 – bidirectional communication
• You can easily connect the tracker to a microphone and speaker for bidirectional communication to the transparent letter.
• It is very easy to talk and listen to the driver from any remote location.
• You can record the conversation and listen to it with third-party software built into the tracking system.

Can A Boat Tracker Protect Your Boat From Theft?

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