The Number One Vitamin for Combating Cancer

In the medical community today, it is taught that chemicals are needed to defeat cancer. However, the naturopathic oncologist turns out this ailment every day. Treatments used in alternative cancer centers use vitamins and minerals to defeat cancer cells.
There is a lot of evidence from studies showing the benefits of vitamin C in cancer patients. These results are generally observed when taken at high doses intravenously. This can also display other benefits for your cardiovascular and cardiac system.
Cancer dies when consumed with vitamin C
It is really surprising to know that common vitamin as this can have an effect against cancer. However, you need more than one cup of orange juice to successfully defeat cancer. You need to make their IV concentrations high. Some good results have been using oral vitamin C liposomal, which is cheaper and more convenient.
However, when vitamin C avoids the digestive tract, the body is able to absorb 500 times the amount (compared to the oral). This is why vitamin IV therapy is unique and frequently used by
oncologists in naturopathic replacement cancer treatment centers.
How it works?
This vitamin works better than others because it can selectively target cells that are cancerous. Hydrogen peroxide is generated which makes the cancer cells perish. Studies also show that tumor cells are unable to eliminate damage caused by hydrogen peroxide. So, once they are damaged, they die.
doses of vitamin C can be used without damaging normal cells, which can
not tell chemotherapy and other conventional cancer treatments toxic.
Normal cells can use various methods to remove hydrogen peroxide, thus avoiding toxic accumulations.
It also reduces inflammation
we continue to learn more in the field of naturopathic oncology, we see
that inflammation is one of the fundamental problems of all diseases.
So if you are able to reduce, you can also reduce the disease. In one study, it showed that this vitamin is able to minimize the chronic inflammation observed in cancer patients. It also shows to prevent metastasis in 75 percent of patients.
If you are looking to fight cancer or prevent the use of natural methods is the key. You can learn about improving your diet by using health and nutrition when you consult a naturopathic oncologist. Set an appointment today to see what you can do to improve your lifestyle and live without cancer!

The Number One Vitamin for Combating Cancer

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