A Private Round of Golf Between Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods!

What happens when Jack “Golden Bear” challenges Nicklaus star Tiger Woods to a private golf game in 1997?
Author Colin Koenig explores this premise in his new book, Major Wager: La Ronde Pure Tiger Jack Golf contested.
The two men enter a golf course at the beginning very hot and humid one morning in the nineties. They have not told anyone that they are playing this trick, not even their families. They are there alone. No cameras, no crowds, no fans. Only two men playing a round of golf. But it becomes much more.
Nicklaus wonders if Tiger has what it takes to beat his record of 18 major victories. The guy is good, but young. Tiger is so excited to play golf prodigy, and curious how to shop around.
the spiritual dialogue and a look at the thoughts of the characters,
Koenig brings these two men to life on the page: “Jack would prefer to
defeat the young Mr. Woods plays well in himself rather than counting on
Kiss it does not resemble any other sport in this sense: the best defense is a good attack “.
Stripped of her entourage, wearing their own clubs, and alone, suddenly only two types of golf. “Jack and Tiger both decided to spend a moment on the wooden bench
with split backing provided in the Tiger outlet box the ball bounced up
and down, up and down, the face of his driver’s club.”
Koenig takes this round of 18-hole golf through the book. Answers to questions that most golfers would like to know:What is talking?What’s going on inside their heads as they play?Can two big pros really keep this party a secret?
I enjoyed the premise of this book and the penetration Koenig believes what the characters think they are playing. A truly human element brings two people that we have all seen in the public. I think this book could do some editing, to correct some of the typographical errors that distract me. I would also like to see a before by the author, explaining how this
idea of ​​history came to be, and what the research of course had to do.
I think this story would be an excellent read for golf enthusiasts and
other sports enthusiasts who wonder what would happen if two great men
go to in their field.

A Private Round of Golf Between Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods!

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