Why Every Professional Woman Needs a Capsule Work Wardrobe

term “wardrobe capsule” was coined by Susie Faux, the owner of a London
store called “Wardrobe” in the 1970s According to Faux, a locker
capsule is a collection of some essential items of clothing
Which do not pass the fashion and can be worn season after season.
build a fundamental wardrobe closet of the effective cabinet, they must
be classic pieces, out of time that can be easily match with your other
clothing items to create stylish outfits that work for their individual
As a professional, healing a wardrobe capsule work is the most
effective way to make sure that you look and feel beautiful and
confident at work every day in form of.
The purpose of a wardrobe capsule
main purpose of building a capsule workpiece looks chic is to create a
job that not only make you look professional, but also feel, but will
give you confidence to cope with their daily work life
clothes must be comfortable and functional, so you can focus on your
work without worrying if your shirt is too revealing, its skirt rises or
straps are visible.
More importantly, it should align with the culture of your business, but remain true to their personal style.
Create a cupboard
The key is to focus on buying a classic, timeless, high quality parts that will form the basis of your wardrobe capsule. You have to buy clothes that match flattering silhouettes that flatter your body shape. These should include tailored pants, shirts, dresses, blazers and good quality shoes. Detail, adjustment, materials and color should be correct for the shape of your body and the working environment. Resist the temptation to select an old dark suit and instead make sure that the fabric and silhouette is flattering.
Follow the rule 40/40/20
This means that 40% of your wardrobe work should be workwear every day. This
means that the costumes, dresses and you most often use Separates and
these items need to be machine washed to save time and money on dry
remaining 40% should be the daytime and evening looks, so additional
special items that will take you from the office after work events such
as social networking, events or drinks with friends.
The last 20% will be your “Va Va Voom” items when you need something special to impress during important interviews or meetings.
Use the accessories to customize your work locker
are great ways to add a little personality to your look from your
office without going against the dress code for your business.
This could be delicate jewelry, declaration necklace, a belt, a fabulous watch or a beautiful nail polish.

Why Every Professional Woman Needs a Capsule Work Wardrobe

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