Log Cabins In Spring: What You Should Know

Log cabins are more an aesthetic choice. You make an investment in real estate that can not be underestimated. You
are committing a beautiful home with high value, but requires a bit of
maintenance beyond what you would expect from a house not wood.
Especially as the seasons change.
If you have a car, or you are considering buying or building one, you must be ready. The winter is over, and the warm weather means it’s time to start thinking about preparing for spring. Here are a few things you need to know.
Winter may have caused damage
First, one of the biggest threats to wooden houses in general tends to be the weather. Wet and cold can make a real waterproofing number and protections are placed in the wood itself. By the time the snow melts, you’ll want to take some time to cross the
exterior and interior perimeters of the house, looking for cracks,
fleas or wear on surfaces.
One of the best things you can do is take a hose and spray the outside of your home. If your wood is well stained the water and runoff rumble completely without wetting the newspapers. If absorbed above means that the stain has been eradicated by winter time. It’s time to add a new one, before you can do more damage.
It may sound expensive at first glance. For a cheaper in a smaller car you look everywhere from $ 500 to $ 700
for a larger car, or a premium patch, you are closer to $ 1000 – $
Note that this is required every three to five years, and protects your home from more costly damages eventually.
Leaks are easier to see
There are two different types of leaks, you need to protect yourself. First of all leaks in the sealant itself. Like stains, leaks can cause water to slip through the gaps between newspapers. The second type are air leaks around windows and doors.
You will probably find these leaks during the winter, because I felt damp places or cold spots in the house. But finding the source was impossible due to the snow on the side of the walls. You should now be able to see more clearly.
To detect leaks in the putty, look for dark spots or streaks in the wood. This indicates that the waterproof must be remade. If nothing, the registry can rot and leave you with a major repairs cost and completely replace the wood
As for leaks around windows and doors, these are more common. They are also very easy to correct because they only require a caulking around the edges. If
there are still problems, you might consider replacing the doors or
windows with thicker alternatives that fit more firmly into the frames.
Often the need for this replacement will depend on the location of your car, and the common climate problems in the area.
Plant life can offer challenges
Plants? What could they do for your cabin? In fact, absolutely. One of the most unexpected problems that people with wooden face homes is creeping plant life near his home. The trees grow thick roots in the cabin, the plants appear, and
sometimes you even find the cultivation of plants inside the trunks
themselves, pushing aside the vines and large gaps in creating the wood.
If you keep an eye on the plants every spring, you will be able to see someone get closer too. From there you can prune, cut or remove them in case of weeds. This is also important if you have a garden, like many owners of log cabins. Apart from plants you can completely ruin the ecosystem of your garden, and poison the soil for some plants.
Changes in temperature cause expansion and contraction of wood
This is another major threat to his cabin that may not have been taken into consideration. Wood is very absorbent, making stains and sealants so important to the health of your home. When wet trunks dilate, which weakens the wood in the process. When the weather is hot and dry, they retract.
Repeat the expansion and breakage files of the contraction force and make them crack, chip, and even double. They appear discrepancies between each of the blocks. If you bought a used car you may have noticed the pressure exerted on the walls caused by this phenomenon. You want to recolor and replace any rotten wood as soon as possible.


Log Cabins In Spring: What You Should Know

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