Set Your Sprinklers To “Cycle & Soak” To Beat Summer Watering Restrictions

Do not let the watering restrictions ruin your lawn.
It is common sense that plants and landscapes prefer a long light rain and not a huge downpour at a time. With regard to watering your lawn and landscape, simulating long-lasting rain to prevent leaks and save water. The
technique we use works exceptionally well – especially during our
Summers Texas when we are under weekly watering restrictions.
It is easy to configure and essentially just break your watering program in two cycles on the watering day. It is called the cycle and soak.
Use Cycle and Soak.
This technique works very well during the summer when you are allowed a watering day of the week. It is very easy to configure your irrigation controller to follow this program. Some quick to install and you are good to go change me. The following instructions apply regardless of which driver you are using.
First find out which of your stations have spray heads and that have rotors. (The
stations are also referred to as “zones” in some sprinkler systems.) At
the fast recycling spray head are emergent soil and sprayed in an
adjustable arc rotor trigger a current in a partial circle while
Rotating – essentially the conventional spray head in rotation.
Set the station (also known as the zone).
Turn the irrigation control knob “Run Time Station”. If the program setting does not say “A” continue, then press the program button until “A”. Some drivers set the program options by using a switch to switch from a program to. Now, cycle through each season and set their execution times. A good rule of thumb is to put about 7 minutes for spray areas, and
about 15 for rotor areas (hence, why did you study your area first!)
Total execution time.
Once you have set the appropriate run time for all seasons, you will need to calculate the total run time. Some sprinkler drivers will tell you the total of all programs directly on the panel. But others do not. If yours does not, just add the runtimes you just configured for each station. You will need this number in a minute.
Repeat for program B.
that all stations have been programmed for the program, use the program
button to go to program B. Repeat the adjustment times of the season,
but add 5 to 7 minutes setting used for program A.
If establishes a spray area in Schedule 7 minutes, setting the same spray area to a location of about 12 to 14 minutes. Repeat for all seasons. When you are finished, use the program button to select Program A again.
Set the station (also known as the zone).
Now, turn the setting knob controller to “Start Times” (or use the switch or whatever else you have). It
should be in program A because it ended in step 1, but otherwise, use
the button to switch to program “A.” If you have irrigation time
constraints, consult them, and schedule
Program to start at the earlier time that is allowed to start watering. This is often just after midnight in the morning of your watering day, but you have to check to be sure.
use the button or change the program to go to program B. Go ahead and
set program B to start almost immediately after the end of program A, so
we have added the total execution time of program A to the last one
Enjoy your beautiful lawn all summer.
Here! Cycle and Soak. It works as a charm to give your lawn a good deep watering that will keep you in good shape throughout the week. Do not hesitate to play with the necessary time. You
may find that you can get away with shorter operation – especially for
first watering, which is really just to prepare the ground so that when
its second irrigation works everything goes into the ground instead of
Dry dirt and gutter.

Set Your Sprinklers To “Cycle & Soak” To Beat Summer Watering Restrictions

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