5 Of the World’s Easiest Mountains To Climb

not saying that anyone can make these picks, still need training before
any promotion, but these are the easiest ways to start pics.
If you are serious about climbing some of the best mountains in the world, then you could do worse than start with these 5.
Mount Fuji – Japan
This is quite spectacular to watch, one of the only mountain in the world is a singular peak standing on 12,388 feet. You will need a guide to take, but a beginner can go up and down in 8 hours. Mount Fuji is open only 2 months of the year so make sure to book in advance for July and August. Probably one of the easiest mountains to climb and a good start if you just walk in.
Mont Blanc – France / Italy border
Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps 15,780 feet upright. There are many roads, you can climb this peak on the French and Italian side, each with its own challenges. There
are many easier routes a beginner can take and is a great way to build
the necessary strength for most of the highest summits to come.
It will take about 2 days to complete with top cabins and down the mountain to spend the night before climbing to the top.
Elbrouz – Russia
highest mountain in Europe is at 18,510 feet, but the climb itself
begins at about 12,000 feet so that the bottom third of the upper is up.
Summer is the best time to climb this mountain that unpredictable weather during the winter months could make impossible. It takes about 2 days for the climb so it is ideal for a beginner
looking to get used to changing the temperature during a climb.
Jbel Toubkal – Morocco
is one of the easiest to climb the mountains in the world, standing at
13,671 feet will take only 2 days to reach the top of a beautiful sunny
The peak is accessible all year round, but the summer months offer the slightest change in adverse weather conditions. What you get with this hike is an exceptional landscape along the way and a breathtaking view of the peak.
Mount Kinabalu – Malaysia
Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia at 13,455 feet. It is a great hike for beginners used for the temperature changes and the resistance needed to climb the mountain. It takes 2 days from base camp to summit with the use of guides. There
are a number of roads that will test the most advanced climber, but
most take the road down crest to see the sunrise in the morning.
It also offers one of the most incredible views around the tropical climate the perfect place to see the dawn away.
Learn more about how to climb the highest mountain in South Asia.

5 Of the World’s Easiest Mountains To Climb

5 Of the World’s Easiest Mountains To Climb, Climb, Easiest, Mountains, World

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