How to Avoid Cat Scratching

Cats and stripes always go together, like peanut butter and jam. However, it would be very satisfying if you have cats, but can avoid scratches.
Cat Scratching is a nuisance for most if not all cats owners are faced on a regular basis. Obviously, no one wants their device to be shredded into pieces by its adorable and fluffy cat. Now the question is what options can be used to overcome the problem? Unfortunately,
many kittens live on the street because of the fact that their owners
simply can not answer the question of scratching.
These cats owners think the cat can scratch cause a lot of damage to
your home and the only way to get rid of all this is to throw your pet
cats out of the house.
However, there are alternatives to deal with this problem, so do not rush.

    The most obvious option is to have your cat declawed but not at all recommended. Declawing is prohibited in some areas and is extremely painful for the animal. It involves removing the assembly end of the toe that prevents the claw from growing again. There are many other options available, but they are much better for you and your cat.

Another option is to provide your cat with an alternative to scratching the furniture. You can use the cat or scratch furniture that are infused with catnip for this purpose. These poles are striped available in different sizes and are of different types. There
are positions available that can be deployed in a tree that offers your
cat the ability to climb, exercise, relax and stretch.
These things give your cat a lot more fun compared to playing with your home furniture.
Do not forget to encourage your pet cats to use the furniture purchased for them. As this more exciting and attractive general rule is, the more he or she prefers to spend time playing with him. Try to make a fun game and a reward. You can offer your cat several candy available at different levels of the cat tree or tunnels inside and spaces for exploration.

Also, you can use dual sided tape on the furniture surface in your home to keep your cat away. It is important to note here that cats do not like, by nature, sticky areas or scratch the surface. It is very easy for you to use dual tape adhesive tape wrapped
around something like cardboard or a piece of soft plastic and attached
to the cabinet.
You can also use the water bottle technique. Whenever you find your pet grab a household item, sprinkle with a bottle of water. In most cases, your pet does not like getting wet and prefers to stay away from the furniture. However, if your cat has a special affinity for water, this tip does not work.
Note that there is always a solution. Cat scratching problem is world renowned and there are millions of people in the world who are facing this problem. If
you are considering doing research, you will definitely find countless
tricks and techniques to keep your furniture safe from scratching cats.

How to Avoid Cat Scratching

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