5 Common Mistakes That Cause Truck Accidents

Most of the time truck accidents are serious. They are bigger and heavier than most other vehicles on the road, they can do much more damage. For this reason, commercial truck drivers assume a huge responsibility
every time they take the wheel of his truck, it requires special
training and certification.
The operation of a 40-ton vehicle is not easy and must be done with the utmost care and attention. But no matter how much training and experience a truck driver has under his belt, accidents happen. Sometimes, driver errors, and they sometimes are not. Read on to learn the five factors that contribute to truck accidents so you can better understand traffic and road safety.
Driver fatigue
Driving fatigue is a common cause of truck accidents, and is one of the most dangerous. For
this reason, federal regulations now limit the number of hours a truck
driver can stay on the road at a time before stopping to rest.
Unfortunately, these regulations are not enough truck drivers to stop driving in a state of fatigue. Many trucking companies still pay the mile, so truckers are
impoverished beyond the point of road safety in order to earn more
lack of experience
Another common cause of truck accidents is simply lack of experience. The experience makes a huge difference in the trucking industry. Truck drivers who have been driving for decades have “learned the tricks of the trade” through years of hands-on experience. New drivers in the industry are still novice, and naive about the true nature of the road when driving a semi-trailer truck.
Truck maintenance
Sometimes, truck accidents are not all pilot errors. In
some cases, truck manufacturers may produce a defective product, while
at other times, the own trucking company may neglect their fleets by
failing to perform routine maintenance of the vehicle.
Fluid changes, inspections, tire service, brake service and more are
important to ensure that a truck performs safely and efficiently on the
Incorrect load
Another common cause of truck accidents is the improper loading of the cargo. It is essential that loads are loaded and properly to prevent accidents and injuries. Incorrect loading can lead to displacement, irregular weight
distribution, and more, all of which are common factors that contribute
to truck accidents.
Distraction at the wheel
Probably the most common truck accident, or any motor vehicle accident in case, the cause is distraction at the wheel. Especially
now that most drivers are equipped with certain technologies, such as
mobile phones and flat panel navigation systems, distracted driving is
more common than ever.
With regard to truck drivers, distractions can take many forms
including smoking, feeding, reading, texting, tuning the radio and much
If you have been injured in a truck accident, immediately contact a law of injuries to know your rights. Even if you are not the pain, minor injuries can become more important later. Meet with an accident lawyer who can determine their rights to compensation.

5 Common Mistakes That Cause Truck Accidents

5 Common Mistakes That Cause Truck Accidents, Accidents, Cause, Common, Mistakes, Truck

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