Before Your Home Cinema – The 4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Every Home Cinema is different, we all watched and enjoyed a wide range of movies in many ways.
You may want to watch the movie exactly or as close as possible to the way the director. Or do you want a movie to shake the room like the best Hollywood movies. 4 questions at the bottom of the article will help you get a better understanding of the choices you need to make.
There are some basic details you need to work on before planning your home theater, the basics. One thing is dreaming about his films, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Keep reading for a signal in some of the key questions that you need to calculate the answers to.
A home theater is fun, is also expensive, so it is best to do it from the first time. If a big screen is important to you, make sure you get one – but
notice seat distances, too big and that strain your eyes to see, too
small and feel sad that does not have that cinematic feel.
Here are 4 important questions you should ask before actually spending the money or getting down to planning.
1. Do I want it to be based projector or TV? – Big screen TVs can be seen in daylight, but the screen sizes are smaller. More movie projectors allow larger screens and experience
2. What about the size of the screen? – The TV runs from 60 “to 104”, while the cinema screens start at 80 “to about 150”. HD for the safety distance 1.6x screen size, so about 4 meters screen 100 “for example.
3. How many speakers do I need? – Surround starts at 5.1 – front (left, center, right) Surround (left, right) and a sub. 7.1 adds two rear speakers. Atmos adds two ceiling speakers.
4. What will I be looking at, what my source?
The whole team is as good as its source must have at least HD 1080p
components such as source, Blu Ray is high quality, Netflix has 4k
content and Kodi is a multimedia player that plays anything, choose
One, two or each of them.
you have asked (and answered) these questions, you will have a much
better film for what your home will need to provide a feeling.

Before Your Home Cinema – The 4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

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