Domestic Violence and Pregnancy

in the relationship, also known as domestic violence, typically ocures
women who abused before embarazo and in some cases the onset of
expulsion during pregnancy.
The form of violence can present itself as physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual, financial and medical. The may pasar a cualquiera. Domestic violence no con fronceas. Sucede a los estudiantes, madres de la estancia-en-hogar, cajeros y ejecutivos corporativos. Women
of all edades, ethnicities, debts, economic status and educational
levels can be found in an environment and in their couple.
Es más común de lo that the gente creates. According to the Domestic Violence Intervention Program, up to 35% of women experience a form of marital violence. Eso equivale has 1 de cada 3 mujeres.
impact of the torque violence during pregnancy presents innumerable
risks to the health of the embarrassed woman and the health of feto.
complications of the woman have a low weight, sangrado, infecciones,
presión arterial alta, desprendimiento placentario, ruptura uterina y
If you wish, you can get complications when embarazo and / or parto. Although these effects may be considered temporal, spindle effects may be extended to infancia and inclusive to adulthood.
in an embarazo no imbalance with the extra weight to choose between a
relationship with the father of the child by nacer and the desire to
live in a safe environment.
embarazadas that experimentan violencia de pareja its more propensas to
suffer de depresión, ansiedad, have a mayor incidencia of suicidio to
participate in the abuse of substancias, that include the abuse of drugs
ilícitas y de prescripción y alcohol.
These postage mechanisms can allow temporary escape but have long-term effects. The
best practices apuntan to the professional consultation and to the
medical attention early as soon as being sospecha embarazo.
A visit to a medical doctor or medical clinic has helped to verify a
pregnancy and an unusual pregnancy and an unusual pregnancy in an
unplanned pregnancy.
It is advisable to consider that aseguren el cuidado prenatal tan pronto como sea posible. The fault of prenatal attention afecta not only to the woman embarazada, sino también al bebé. You can achieve an immediate complication with premature birth and under the weight of nacer. There
is little weight inside and to the premature parto to have a long term
in the child, including the problems of attention, the difficulties of
behavior, the returns in the language, the diminution of intellectual
, The revisions in the motora function. These effects a menudo crean dificultades in the escuela y in edad adulta.
What can you do to protect yourself?
Busque ayuda inmediata. Enfrentarse has an embarazo no planificado puede ser complicado o confuso in circunstancias menos estresantes. An embarazo not planificado mientras that live in an ambiente abuseivo o mientras that in una relación abusiva es abrumadora. Develop a support system that includes individuals who support and lower themselves for you.

Domestic Violence and Pregnancy

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