Public Speaking & Presentation Skills: Communication With Power, Influence & Persuasion

You want to influence others every time you talk. Especially when you talk about an ability to speak in public. After all, who is the end of the game to speak in public, right?
Well … you do not want to be just another boring right?
You want to be dynamic and persuasive.
In the dynamic public speaking, business presentations – or any other
type of presentation or communication for this issue – our state will
greatly influence our effectiveness.
course there are other important factors, such as the intellectual
veracity of our positions and arguments and the development of our
message in a way that resonates with our audience but for the delivery
and persuasion of our optimal state should be
Also optimal.
Where does our state come from?Our state is the result of two things:
1) Our choices in our thoughts and beliefs at the time.
2) How and expressive connected with us, we are with our physiology at the time.
Either the address of the first thing: Our thoughts and beliefs at the time.
POWER OF BELIEFS AND REFLECTIONSOur thoughts are generally common. Experts (can you believe that people really study these things?) They say that more than 90% of our daily thoughts are common. Therefore, the thoughts we had yesterday probably the same thing we had yesterday and we have them tomorrow.
Well … but speaking in public is a scary situation that is very unusual and sickening. A situation in which our habitual thoughts often lead to thoughts and feelings of pure, DYING shaky. As now, in front of these people, my life ends painfully humiliating publicly! If not literally, certainly metaphorically.
THEN, MAESTRAR YOUR THOUGHTS AT MOMENTAlright I understand. Easy to say. Too difficult to do. Especially in very charged, scary and stressful than public speaking.
Well, what you want to do is:
1) Be focused and present in the moment. Introduce yourself.
2) Be present in the moment with your passion and intellectual and emotional purpose for your message. As
in meditation, if any thought comes into your mind or your body, let it
away and immediately bring your, emotional and physiological mental and
emotional bond to your passion for your message.
Its meaning and great value to you and your audience.
3) Be there with your audience. Not
with your audience as a group of terrifying foreigners, mass, ready to
destroy you, but your audience with one person at a time.
People who believe you (an intellectual construct) and sense (a
physiological consciousness) are fond of friends, support, empathy and
captivated or similar cohorts.
See, hear and feel the meaning that massive, incredible, life-changing in its message for you and your audience.
if one talks about how your audience can best get rid of any unwanted
fuzz on their belly buttons, find some sense and humor in it to your
If there is no sense, you have no place to talk to your audience.
And believe – absolutely frigging-KNOW – who are on your side!
Let BLUNT be roughly: “F” REALITY BABY! SERIOUSLY!Your thoughts and beliefs about your message and the extent to which the audience supports you may or may not be true.
AND?! No matter frigging !!
You do not know what they think and feel. And? Not applicable.
that matters is what you believe, what you feel and how it affects your
status, your ability to connect, communicate and take care of you.
That is what matters.
IF YOU lie – EVERY DAY.Heck, every day you say bull-shit, negative stories (beliefs with feeling and emotion) not?
Do not lie. You know I do.
You do it all the time (all of us).
But these stories are particularly dangerous for you. These are stories of how someone does not like. How will you fail. Stories of fear, failure and survival.
I understand. It is connected to our brain. We are all good.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills: Communication With Power, Influence & Persuasion

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