Steel and Wood Lathe Chisels

This article discusses some types of steel that many wood chisels are made of. There are many different types of alloy steel with hardness and strength veracity. Internet is a mine of information about steel, alloys and their use, a
little research will always lead to a better understanding of the tools
you want to buy or do.
What is the tool’s steel and what makes it different from other types of steel? Steel tool is a specific type of high quality steel specially designed for the production of tool and tool components. Tool
steels produced in electric melting furnaces and rigorous quality
standards are maintained to produce the required quality.
Tool steels are formulated to withstand high pressures and abrasive materials. Normally, tool steels are used for the cutting, cutting, stamping and forming of metals and plastics.
There are 3 different tool steels will be most commonly associated with wood turning tools are 01 steel, M2 and PM steel.
tool steel is a cold working tool made of low alloy steel to be dipped
in oil in heat treatment to create the required hardness.
O1 contains small amounts of manganese, tungsten and chromium, giving O1 hardness suitable for normal use of tools and molds. 01 steel is a Steel Turners can use to make and shape their own tools,
and then temper the steel a hardness that holds a good lead-in
something between 60 and 65 HRC.
M2 is a higher carbon version of the M1 tool steel (High-speed Molybdenum Tool Steel). The alloy M2 has a better resistance to wear than M1. Applications are mainly used for cutting and shaping tools.
(powder metallurgy) is a term that covers a wide range of ways in which
materials or components are made of metal powder metallurgy also used
to make unique materials impossible to fuse or in other ways.
Wood Tower PM tools are very difficult and hold a fine tip usually something between 67-69 HRC. The files will not work with this hardness of the tools. It is an abbreviation HRC Hardness Rockwell C measures to scale
If you turn the wood on a regular basis, you probably have 30 to 40 tools you use. I
counted the Turners tools in my collection and there are now 43 and I
control some 01 steel to make Scraper I can use to shape long sides of a
Steel allows you the opportunity to make their own tools, especially
the tools that match a turning specialty that do not make you.
It is always good to have a friend who is a metallurgist and understands how the machine and metals of anger.
There are many ways to acquire woodworking tools. Buying a tool supplies is the best way to start woodturning. With a bit of experience, you know what to look for when buying tools. Aside from purchasing a tool supplier, see garage sales, property sales and some social sites like Craigslist ..
Turners is fun and enjoyable and more so when you are able to make you have the tools.

Steel and Wood Lathe Chisels

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