Window Blinds: Practical Decoration for the House

Both in the style and in the renovation of an old building and the new architecture, blinds are often used as a design element. No wonder: the blinds not only adorn the facade, but also offer protection from unwanted ideas, weather and thieves influences. An advantage of roller shutter systems The shutters must not be integrated into the masonry. Therefore, they can not produce thermal bridges.
Blinds: Variations as required
Windows blinds are available in different models depending on the needs. In order to ventilate when the load is closed and the light enters the living space, blinds are often used. Under the blinds, the horizontal openings, which can also be adjusted for certain models are integrated. In
the intestine, on the other hand, the entire wing of the window sill is
filled open – in rural areas, this variant is often with ornamental
Another aspect is rural-romantic councils, which are today mainly used for old buildings, stables and barns. The structure of the wing is made of simple boards and generally rigid with transverse bands.
Folding doors, sliding positioning
Shutters also differ depending on how they are opened. The folding shutters are used most often: two loading sheets are installed outside the window next to the window. In the open state they are attached to the outer wall of a hook. Another variation are the control panels. There are conventional folding shutters in an opening of which the lower half is installed. Thus, despite the thermal protection of the magazine, it can be ventilated or visible from the window. In the case of new buildings, on the other hand, the slides are used. In this case, the folding function is omitted: You sliders move on rails next to the window – along the wall of the house. Your advantage: In strong winds, they can not cause damage, unlike unsecured folding windows. If you want to equip a large bay window with shutters for folding doors they are suitable. Thanks to various deployable elements, they can cover the entire width. In the closed state, the folding pack is pushed along the window surface to save space. Decorative Shelves: Also available They serve no other function outside of the optics.
Design and operation
Whether as an office or modern aluminum blinds are available in a variety of variants. Since the stores are constantly exposed to the weather, it is necessary to clean and maintain the wood regularly. Despite
the relatively high costs, the decision is often favorable for wood
deliberately: the traditional character and the ecological extraction of
renewable raw materials are decisive.
wood is particularly suitable as protection against the heat of the
summer, because natural raw materials only conducts little heat.
The use of aluminum or plastic shutters, which is particularly suitable for new buildings, is less necessary. In addition to low maintenance costs, the wide selection of modern designs speaks in all colors and shapes.
Whether wood, plastic or aluminum: anyone shops knows the cost of hard-to-reach windows. However,
there is also a solution for this: the electric can opener Store, even
some solar panels, allow an opening and a closing without leaning
through the window.
A rear attachment is also possible.

Window Blinds: Practical Decoration for the House

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