Wanderlust Fashionista Interiors

I am a fashionista of interior color, often play with the five basic colors of the Indian design, Vastu. The red spectrum is bordered by fire, the colors of the earth are
brown, green, metal / air are silver, gold and copper, water is the blue
spectrum and space is white or crystalline.
engravings, with flowers and mandala taglet, create so much joy and
unconventional patterns With this modernist furniture create a general
harmony that is rich and vibrant blend.
Maintain the similar color palette in the part of the chamber for energy to flow. Everything is a matter of balance, blue or turquoise Whether with the
lush reds that make me sing or even the pale pale tones With that speak
of their shadows.
combination of a variety of patterns and textures to a convincing blend
Creates a superimposed look and feels balanced rather than an
overwhelming confusion of colors.
covers pashmina paisley and Jamavar With pacca embroidered quilts in
solid stonewashed colors give the look of Wanderlust.
Accent With sams period covers giving the surprise factor.
styles that feel harmonious and complement each other, old barn doors
complemented by an authentic vintage coffee table, textured wood and
distressed painting taking the antique inspiration.
Ancient Indian painted Ganesha and Krishna With cabinets bring the
element of energy that is necessary to the creation of balance.
you want to stay just go for the arched shelves in a natural wood-hued
frame and pure organza curtains with just a touch of pattern.
A thrilling banjara throw pillow embroidered on a leather sofa, an antique door in an ivory room gives a refreshing look. Stay relaxed with soft cotton towels and soft pashmina blankets.
The dust room may have an element of surprise using patterns unexpectedly. Try to mix the sari patchwork pillows in a random and mixed with rolls of wallpaper, the effect can be very electric.
Lighting is a nice way to accentuate old cabinets. The silhouette of brass Nataraja – dancing shadows of Shiva on the wall creation of an incredible work of art. Hand carved vases with candles soften the edges and give a beautiful exotic ambiance to the room. Old brass urns and peacock lamps embellish the living space.
Give the North more attention since it is your spiritual kingdom. Keep
all 5 items, such as crystals, water fountains, candles and plants
arranged in a beautiful way, connect to the higher individual.
The colors are mainly blue and esta will expand your prosperity in all aspects of life.
Color your life with joy, happiness and abundance! Peace!


Wanderlust Fashionista Interiors

Fashionista, Interiors, Wanderlust, Wanderlust Fashionista Interiors

from Immor-rêve http://ift.tt/2kRaJg0


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