Renting a Sander for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Before you begin your hardwood floor finish project, there are things to do to prepare properly. Be sure to carefully inspect the floor and always remove records from the floor. Then you need to measure the thickness of your floor. If it is oak flooring the note, they are generally three-quarters of an inch thick. Usually, the parquet can be sanded oak several times.
Continue your preparation …
you have measured the thickness of your floor, if you find that are
thinner than 3/4 of an inch, very professional floor hire contractors
are recommended.
Beautiful flooring requires the highest level of carpentry and the ability to avoid sanding through the basement.
Moving longitudinally, is also useful for removing shoe molding to support wall sanding wall. Then
make sure to tighten the disjointed boards, protruding nails (sand nail
heads is a fire hazard!), And finish checking the power fuses.
In an old property you rent sander can overload the circuit.
Also make sure that your workspace has good ventilation. You do not want to breathe the excess sanding dust and debris! Towels wedge down the doors, drop rags hanging on the doors, and sweep the floor before starting. It is now time to rent a quality sander job!
In-Store Sanders
renting an electric sander, it is important to choose a trusted
retailer that employs an expert in the use of power tools and safety.
Talk to the seller about how to use the sander, and make sure to ask the owner for the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to ask about special accessories, or the keys you need to run sander more efficiently.
While in the store, take a basket and add some extra materials for the process more secure and comfortable sanding. This includes a dust mask or respirator, gloves, earplugs and handkerchiefs. You will then need to purchase accessories for your sander that are not included in the rent, either sandpaper. You will need to ask the staff what kind of sandpaper you need for your particular sander and project.
For the restoration of hardwood floor and electric sanders, you can expect to buy sanding discs, sheets or strips. The most likely need is at least 10 of any material you choose. For larger parts, you will need more. If you need to remove the paint or tarnish first, you must start with a running sand, like 16 or 20; But as it progresses, you can use porridge between 36 and 80. As a finish, a finer grain is needed, usually about 100 or less.
Do your research to find out exactly what grains you need for your sanding project. If
you really want a professional finish, rent two sander: a large and
powerful sander for larger portions and a smaller edge sander for more
demanding one for corners and against walls.

Renting a Sander for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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