Make Carpet Cleaners Using Household Ingredients

your carpet is not that hard, but instead of buying expensive cleaning
products contain chemicals that could make your own carpet cleaning
products with what you have at home.
These are easy to make and do not contain aggressive chemicals to harm children and pets. Even
if you take care of your carpet, you should always try to clean it at
least once a month, plus if you have children and pets at home.
If not cleaned, they will start to look worn and dirty. The use of housekeeping products can be as effective in cleaning and deodorizing your carpet as the most expensive.
Vinegar and water
The vinegar should use white vinegar is regular. This carpet cleaner is made by mixing equal parts of hot water and vinegar. Mixed in a spray bottle and spray on the carpet, let stand for at least ten minutes and then vacuum. If there are spray spots with a cleaner and scrub with a brush to get the stain. For tougher stains, you may need to do several times. This carpet cleaning solution is ideal for cleaning and removing carpet odors. If you prefer to use a carpet cleaning machine, you can always add
some vinegar to the cleaning solution or you can simply use vinegar and
Vinegar, salt and borax
This carpet cleaner is good for use in tough places. Mix equal parts of the three ingredients to make a thick paste and apply it to the stain, let it dry. Once it is dry, just use the vacuum to lift it. You can repeat this if necessary for stubborn stains and those that have been there for a while.
Lemon juice and cream of tartar
This can be used for ink stains on your carpet. Make a few drops of lemon juice and cream of tartar and put it in the inkblot. Once the mixture has dried, you can use the vacuum to get the dough. Repeat if the stain is not completely eliminated.
Sodium bicarbonate and essential oils
help you eliminate the smells of your carpet, especially if they are
animal odors, the use of essential oils and baking soda.
Mix enough essential oil with the baking soda to get the scent you want, then sprinkle on the carpet. Leave it on the carpet for twenty to thirty minutes, then suck the carpet.
These are just a few of the many home carpet cleaners you can do to clean and deodorize your carpet. To avoid cleaning stubborn stains that can not totally out of the carpet clean any spill immediately.

Make Carpet Cleaners Using Household Ingredients

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