Give the Gift of Presence: How to Improve Trust With Your Team and Clients

He was sitting in my doctor’s office. He had done a review of the causes of my vertigo (fortunately benign) and was writing your notes quickly on the computer.
A little hesitant, I said, “I forgot, I have another question.” He immediately stopped writing and turned his chair to look at me impatiently. I made my question, and after fully reply, she went back to the computer.
Wow, I thought. This was a striking example of presence. I felt myself seen. I felt heard. I felt important to her.
This kind of presence has become increasingly rare in the business world, since everyone feels pressed for time. We all have a lot of tugs on our time and attention.
How often do you see people attending a meeting and instead of listening to the speaker, watching their tricks? They got their phone out of sight and are busy texting.
As a speaker, how do you feel when you look and see people are not paying attention? How do you feel about those who watch and listen actively?
Our focus and commitment, our presence affects the way people see us.
The times we spent together are an opportunity. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson, “you are screaming so loud that I can not
hear what you say.” It is not enough to tell someone who is important to
When you choose to pay close attention when someone sends a message that are important to you, they are evaluated.
Create trust and connection when offers to its customers, team members, suppliers and colleagues the gift of its presence. They know they are appreciated.
This type of sincere connection can not be falsified. You must be honest.
No matter what you’ve done before, you can change now, in an instant. In the next interaction you have, you can choose to be fully present.
As a leader (and you are the!) Your presence raises people, letting them feel a little better about themselves.
Its presence makes a big difference. Make people feel connected with your business issues for the extraordinary power of presence.

Give the Gift of Presence: How to Improve Trust With Your Team and Clients

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