He Who Hates, Hates Himself

The nature of nature itself is equilibrium, and thus everything will be closed as it is or not. Perhaps not your fault, maybe this is simply a sham to make it look bad. But here’s the catch, once you cross that limit, once you fall into the abyss, no turning back. Hate is not a faction, is the strongest emotion that a human being can feel, you say there is not something you can play. Escaping from this well is almost as impossible as going to the bottom. Even if you manage to come out in some way, even if you conquer the
impossible, still have to face the ways of man, you have to face …
Think of a legendary hero. His family murdered by the hands of the tyrant king. Every day of his life he dreamed of the terrible vengeance that would give the king. When he finally killed his enemy, he stood there with the king’s head in one hand and the crown of the other. His anger so intense, his pain so deep that he takes the crown for himself. Become the next tyrant pain inflicted on his subjects as he felt all these years. What good is a beautiful revenge if the day turns ugly? In his tyrant of aversion, his vow never to be like him, his hat finally corrupted making him his own enemy.
truly you can control their hate, because if you simply look into the
abyss of hatred, they can see their own darkness and learn not only
remove it, but use it.
A mother of all, he knows the boundary between hate and love. A mother who deals day and night, poverty and situation, voluble and struggling. A mother who knows exactly when to punish, because he knows how the adversary can mold someone into something stronger; A mother knows when to reward your child, because only those who are in darkness know the joy of light.
Again, all this is done.
Your hatred is not a singular identity. It comes in different shapes and sizes. For example jealousy, a double hatred for the person in front of you and for you too. In a more controlled amount this feeling has another name and is called ambition. You can not really be ambitious if something does not necessarily itch. You can not be really ambitious if you are just too happy with it. This is just one of the many ways this hatred in people brings out the best.
Do you remember that time, I was saying that hate is the strongest emotion a human being can feel? I was lying. The strongest thing a person can feel is forgiveness. When
you can find it in the heart to truly forgive someone, something that
is the cause of their hatred, they lower a huge burden.
At the other end, who earns this forgiveness, he has also won wings, for where there is forgiveness, there is also hope.
As it is, whoever hates, he hates himself, the real goal is to forgive you for hating you. Only can then complete the circle, and embark on a new path, a love, a hope.
The only way to balance the darkness is light, the only way to balance hate is love. Love all, everybody, so that one day no one should fall into the abyss of hate.

He Who Hates, Hates Himself

Hates, He Who Hates Himself, Himself, Who

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