5 Unique Things to Do in Boston

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway visit the
you visit Boston at any time in the spring or summer, walking along the
Kennedy Greenway through the center of Boston is the perfect place to
spend a sunny afternoon.
You will find rows on rows of flowers that delight the senses. The
garden consists of several small parks with each containing unique
flowers and trees like sweetbay magnolia or blazingstar marsh.
is an excellent opportunity to teach their children about horticulture
and the importance of sustainability and preservation of nature.
can also take their children to Carousel Greenway where children can
ride for $ 3. The Greenway is dedicated to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, the
mother of former President John F. Kennedy.
The greenway was opened in 2008 after Boston tried to demolish the old avenue John Fitzgerald.
Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
Contemporary art is not for everyone, and art here is how to say, “advanced.” But that does not mean not everyone can find a piece that fascinates them if they approach art with an open mind. Perhaps the best feature of the ICA is the breathtaking view, with the
Boston skyline in the glass door wing, which extends to the Boston
museum has not always been in its modern facilities as the ACI has
moved 13 times since its founding in 1936. In many ways this building
designed by Diller Scofidio and Renfro is a reflection of the emerging
technological culture in Boston
And shows how the city watches marry the new wave of industries with valuable historical sites of the city.
The art here is not limited between frames. ICA is a home for an interactive work on a large scale that plunges the public. Do not wait to understand each piece you see. Be confused, you are shocked, given the opportunity to see leading-edge artistic movement in full screen.
Tours through the Old Town
Nights are not just for sleeping, especially on a trip to Boston. Like all the ancient cities, Beantown shelters its share of frightening places and dark history. If
you are in the city between April and October, taking one of the
Trolley Tours of the Old Town will provide a glimpse of the dark side of
the city.
With a seventeenth-century gravedigger as a guide, the Ghosts &
Gravestones Boston Tour offers an evening cart trolley ride around the
Walking through the streets as did the Boston Strangler, who killed 13 women in the Boston area in the sixties. But there is more on this tour than the wisdom of crime. Visitors can explore two of the city’s oldest cemeteries … walk. When you scare or move, while visiting the burial sites of famous
historical figures such as John Hancock, Paul Revere and Samuel Adams.
Visit the Mapparium
tourists do not visit the library in Boston for a while, but there are
good reasons to visit the Mapparium Mary Baker Eddy Library.
It is a giant globe in glass sections 608, reaching a height of three floors, 30 feet wide! Built in the 1930s, the Mapparium is the first of its kind. If you are not dazzled by their size, lighting and acoustics will be. There are 206 LEDs capable of producing nearly 16 million color combinations luminaires.
Being a sphere, the Mapparium produces some of the strange echoes. Stand in the center of the camera and say something; You will be surprised when his voice echoed loudly. Do not say anything provocative while you are standing at one end of
the bridge, because everyone on the other end can hear you perfectly …
Store in Bodega
This sport and surreal shoe store clothing is behind a vending machine in an apparently dirty and matured cellar. Located
in a residential building in Boston, the window is modest and very
easily taken for a career in New York style mill warehouse.
Think of it like when the shop solves a speakeasy.
of the experience is being confused when you enter and struggles with
how to “unlock” the shop, it is hard to describe, much less like a
movie, how to access.
Not knowing is part of the fun. Upon entering, you will be greeted by a floor detail for less aligned with elegant dark redwood, and the coffered ceiling. It
is not all for the show, Bodega takes among the rarest sport shoes
around and streetwear brands have not found anywhere else in Boston.

5 Unique Things to Do in Boston

5 Unique Things to Do in Boston, Boston, Unique Things

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