Diversity Grants To California Universities Are Politically Correct Pandering And Social Engineering

Are we exaggerating all the diversity in our schools, universities and colleges? Some say no, and say that everything is better this way. Yes it is; If we do not spread endless money to those things that divert money from real classrooms. Unfortunately what is happening now is that we all say there is a
problem in spending even more money on a non-existent problem or is now
barely visible to current participants.
we do is convince students who have been harmed by intolerance, racism,
etc., by trying to deprogram this narrative with more programs when all
you really need to do is to stop doing the
of minor events or say there is a serious problem right now, almost
everyone knows that it is safe in schools and colleges because of all
the focus on diversity, there is no
to spend more money or create endless layers of leadership problem and
PR management to ensure job security and then take credit to solve a
problem that never existed in the first place or was at
Perceptible punishment anyway.
According to the Los Angeles Times; “Cal
State has awarded $ 60 million in federal grants to help diversify
biomedical research” by Carla Rivera on October 22, 2014. The article
said, “Three California State University campuses received over 60
Million in grants feds to assist in training low-income students and
minority biomedica.Las races for NIH research grants are five years and
include $ 22.7 million in Cal State Long Beach, $ 21.8 million to
State Northridge $ 17 to the State University of San Francisco to
develop mentoring programs, the participation of student families,
improve teaching and develop community-based research projects.

only problem is that these scholarships quote Hispanic students as
minorities, but on most of the campuses where these grants were given,
Hispanic students are not in the minority of the population, they are in
fact the majority
. If
Hispanic students in biosciences choose to be in student nursing rather
than biology researchers that is common then that is your choice even
though this reality should last push Hispanic students into nursing
problem with these programs is that they do not celebrate the diversity
of diversity as much as the “diversity of forces” that are known to
cause conflict, quote: History.

Diversity Grants To California Universities Are Politically Correct Pandering And Social Engineering

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