CO2 Is a Molecule – It Is A Gas Above Negative 109.3 F, It’s Not Evil

Regarding global warming or climate change, I am not worried about the CO2 production of mankind; In fact, I’m not too worried about CO2. We will discuss this?
CO2 emissions are actually a very small part of total CO2 in the
atmosphere (about 3% of total CO2 production on planet Earth is all).
A major fire in Australia produces more CO2 than all of China in 10 months, if you can believe it.

If alarmists of global warming are concerned about CO2 emissions, then
they may have to go talk to the European nations that are burning coal,
which incidentally are also pushing diesel soot emit more CO2 and cars.
go talk to China for God’s sake but do not come here to the US where we
have dramatically reduced our CO2 production by fracturing technology
that allows us to get a lot of natural gas cheap land,
Which when burned has very little CO2 emissions.

Unlike the rest of the industrialized countries, the United States has already done our part, but nobody else seems. However, we seem to be the scapegoat – why do you ask? It is a simple economy, the rest of the world wants to limit our
industrial production so that they can claim a greater share of the
world economy and wealth.
Why do you think the IPCC is still meeting in Europe? Why
are they pointing to the United States and why on God’s green earth we
are putting billions of dollars to continue this masquerade that hurts
us when we do our part, it’s time for China and the rest do their
Before imposing more on the US or carbon taxes or anything else that costs taxpayers money.

CO2 emissions around 3% of the total in the atmosphere, CO2 is a small
percentage of all the gases in the atmosphere, is really insignificant
amount of CO2 from the US or any state or individual.
It’s a joke.
Our group of experts to complete a survey on global warming, surprising
how it was written, I think it was a similar survey that the IPCC gave
to scientists, but how the IPCC wrote
what they said after the 97% of scientists agree – was totally
unacceptable, it is not surprising that no reaction and remains – it is
not surprising that there are those of us
say enough – is enough – close the IPCC – end this tactical misery and
darkness for political purposes, extrapolating into the air, stop making
correlations that do not exist, stop lying about the conclusions
On the causal link or the absence from there. And stop this “Story telling”, which is what the IPCC is.

CO2 Is a Molecule – It Is A Gas Above Negative 109.3 F, It’s Not Evil

Above, CO2, CO2 Is a Molecule It Is A Gas Above Negative 109.3 F It’s Not Evil, Evil, Gas, Molecule, Negative

from 1betterthanall


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